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Brendan T. O’ Keeffe, Ciaran MacDonncha, Kwok Ng and Alan E. Donnelly

shown to be representative of the national sample (14.2% boys, 18.5% girls, and 67.3% mixed). There was an overrepresentation of private fee-paying schools (9.8% survey; 7.1% national). However, a chi-square test of independence indicated that this did not have a significant effect on any of the key

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Anthony C. Santago II, Meghan E. Vidt, Xiaotong Li, Christopher J. Tuohy, Gary G. Poehling, Michael T. Freehill and Katherine R. Saul

The ability to successfully complete activities of daily living (ADLs) is paramount to maintaining independence. Many ADLs (eg, eating, bathing, and dressing) require strength and coordination of the upper extremity. 1 Older adults are at an increased risk for loss of upper extremity

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Luke Wilkins, Jen Sweeney, Zoella Zaborski, Carl Nelson, Simon Tweddle, Eldre Beukes and Peter Allen

’s perceptions about how CBT could be incorporated within soccer. Post-hoc testing was conducted to investigate whether responses differed depending upon the demographic attributes of education and religion. Players were grouped for educational and religious differences and Chi-square tests of independence were

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Philip von Rosen and Maria Hagströmer

cancer, are associated with increased health care utilization, comorbidity, high levels of disability, and less independence. 11 , 12 In contrary, time spent in physical activity could improve functional ability and sleep quality, and increase socialization, cognitive function, and self-rated health. 1

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Ellen Freiberger, Elisabeth Rydwik, Astrid Chorus, Erwin Tak, Christophe Delecluse, Federico Schena, Nina Waaler, Bob Laventure and Nico van Meeteren

In an aging society, maintaining function and independence, while coping with limitations and decline, are of utmost importance for both individual health and public health. The importance of physical activity for improved health in older persons is well documented ( Bouchard, Blair, & Haskell

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Sharon Hetherington, Paul Swinton, Tim Henwood, Justin Keogh, Paul Gardiner, Anthony Tuckett, Kevin Rouse and Tracy Comans

intention of this service is to facilitate continued independence, in practice, little exercise therapy is provided in this program to promote the rehabilitation of physical function ( Commonwealth of Australia, 2017 ). For adults receiving in-home care services through the CHSP, progressive resistance plus

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José Messias Rodrigues da Silva, Marcia Uchoa de Rezende, Tânia Carvalho Spada, Lucila da Silva Francisco, Helenilson Pereira dos Santos, Robson de Andrade Souza, Júlia Maria D'Andréa Greve and Emmanuel Gomes Ciolac

that occurs in almost all physiological systems, knee osteoarthritis (KOA) is one of the most prevalent age-related chronic diseases. One in 4 people over 55 years of age has persistent knee pain, 3 resulting in reduced quality of life, that has a major impact on function and independence, 1

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Viviene A. Temple, Dawn L. Lefebvre, Stephanie C. Field, Jeff R. Crane, Beverly Smith and Patti-Jean Naylor

of the EDI refers to children’s physical preparedness for the school day, fine and gross motor skills, energy level throughout the day, and physical independence. It contains 13 items and includes questions about pencil holding, hand preference, washroom independence, energy levels, coordination, and

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Courteney L. Benjamin, William M. Adams, Ryan M. Curtis, Yasuki Sekiguchi, Gabrielle E.W. Giersch and Douglas J. Casa

removed, the total number of observations and the number of athletes included in each night type were recorded (AM: 165 observations, 11 athletes; NAM: 380 observations, 11 athletes). To account for the violation of independence, unequal group sizes, missing data, and variations between each athlete, a

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Renata M. Bielemann, Marysabel P.T. Silveira, Bárbara H. Lutz, Vanessa I.A. Miranda, Maria Cristina Gonzalez, Soren Brage, Ulf Ekelund and Andréa Dâmaso Bertoldi

functional independence and cognition. 10 Physical activity is also recognized as an important lifestyle factor for secondary prevention of noncommunicable chronic diseases. 11 PA improves the general health profile among patients with chronic kidney disease, 12 could decrease the incidence of chronic