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Nicholas M. Watanabe, Grace Yan, Brian P. Soebbing and Ann Pegoraro

consumer demand. By aggregating individual behaviors and controlling for factors such as technology and market size, results of group behaviors can be estimated to direct the inquiry toward more complex social interactions including, most notably, discriminatory patterns directed at certain social groups

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Jian Wang, Bo Shen, Xiaobin Luo, Qingshan Hu and Alex C. Garn

influential social desires ( Butler, 2012 ). Butler argued that teaching includes both personal and interpersonal endeavors. Relational goals that strive to nurture and create warm relationships with students have emerged as important reasons for teaching. Because social interaction is an important component

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Nadia Cristina Valentini, Glauber Carvalho Nobre, Mariele Santayana de Souza and Michael J. Duncan

explaining how motor competence might positively influence PA levels, the key construct of social acceptance remains overlooked. Social acceptance plays a role in children’s PAs and sports participation, 15 , 16 improving children social interaction 16 and the capacity to adapt to adversities, 17 and it

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Roy David Samuel

social and professional reasons. First, the Premier League referees spend much time together in conferences and training sessions, so the newly promoted referees wished to be socially accepted and feel comfortable in these social interactions. Second, they are assigned to matches together, serving as a

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Sheryl Miller and Mary Fry

effort and improvement and where positive affirming social interactions with instructors and classmates occur. As noted and hypothesized, the relationship between climate to BE and SPA was similar across gender. Results for females were nearly identical to those for the total sample. The results for

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Lana M. Pfaff and Michael E. Cinelli

human obstacle) to accommodate the possibilities for action of the human obstacle ( Chang, Wade, & Stoffregen, 2009 ; Creem-Regehr, Gagnon, Geuss, & Stefanucci, 2013 ). Despite our attempts to minimize social interaction, a human obstacle still possesses human qualities, and therefore, participants

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Paul E. Yeatts, Ronald Davis, Jun Oh and Gwang-Yon Hwang

variety of health difficulties beyond physical impairments ( Caddick & Smith, 2014 ). Social engagement and participation are important for recovery and rehabilitation ( Hawkins, Cory, & Crowe, 2011 ). Teamwork appears vital to promote a positive subculture of support and social interaction. Fiorilli et

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Jonathan M. Casper and Jung-Hwan Jeon

refers to the goal of performing as well as possible, regardless of the outcome. Fitness refers to the state of being in good physical condition and health. Socialization represents a desire for social interaction to enhance human relationships. Three items were used to measure each construct on a 5

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Sara M. Campbell, Ashley Fallaize and Paul Schempp

to life ( Collins et al., 2012 ; Jones et al., 2012 ; Morgan et al., 2013 ; Vella et al., 2013 ). Like the coach developers who shared their experiences with us, coaches have also expressed a desire for increased social interactions with peers ( Cassidy et al., 2006 ; Jones et al., 2012 ; Vella

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Weimo Zhu and Ang Chen

that included items from the social reconstruction subdomain from VOI-1. The social responsibility domain was defined as follows: “Students learn social rules and norms for personal conduct that lead to appropriate social interactions of cooperation, teamwork, group participation, and respect for