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Genki Hatano, Shigeyuki Suzuki, Shingo Matsuo, Satoshi Kataura, Kazuaki Yokoi, Taizan Fukaya, Mitsuhiro Fujiwara, Yuji Asai and Masahiro Iwata

during stretching (B) as seen from the left side. (A) The seat of the dynamometer was maximally raised, and a wedge-shaped cushion was inserted between the trunk and backrest, creating a seat face-back angle of approximately 60°. The subjects were seated in this position and their chest, pelvis, and

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Brent I. Smith, Denice Curtis and Carrie L. Docherty

validated by Thorborg et al. 38 For hip abduction strength testing, the HHD was placed 10 cm proximal to the lateral femoral epicondyle and the hip was placed in approximately 30° of abduction. The contralateral hip was flexed to 90° and neutral relative to rotation. The examiner stabilized the pelvis to

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Wen-Hao Hsu, Evelyn J. Park, Daniel L. Miranda, Hani M. Sallum, Conor J. Walsh and Eugene C. Goldfield

, pelvis, upper arms, forearms, thighs, shanks, and feet (Figure  2 ). The cameras of a hybrid Vicon (Centennial, CO) MX T-Series and Bonita motion capture system surrounded two force platforms (AMTI, Watertown, MA) located in the center of the lab. The total length of the two platforms was approximately 1

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Dimitrios-Sokratis Komaris, Cheral Govind, Andrew Murphy, Alistair Ewen and Philip Riches

of the position of the hands, irregular movement strategies were classified and clustered among the 3 major clusters of the 3-cluster solution. At trials A3, A4, and Q5, participants kept their hand(s) close to the seat at the height of their pelvis until completion of the standing movement. As a

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Ben Langley, Mary Cramp and Stewart C. Morrison

following the manufacturer’s guidelines. To define the foot, shank, thigh, and pelvis, 14-mm retroreflective markers were attached to the right limb at the following locations: first and fifth metatarsal heads, medial and lateral malleoli, medial and lateral femoral epicondyles, and bilaterally to the

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Janina M. Prado-Rico and Marcos Duarte

and the pelvis in that posture. In the late 19th century, Vierordt ( 1864 ) was likely the first to quantitatively measure postural sway during standing; he employed a device that measured the sway of the head. Neither Borelli nor Vierordt measured the forces on the feet, although they acknowledged

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Anna C. Severin, Brendan J. Burkett, Mark R. McKean, Aaron N. Wiegand and Mark G.L. Sayers

ethics approval. Instrumentation This study used six 100-Hz inertial sensors (Nanotrak; Catapult Sports, Docklands, Australia) to track trunk, pelvis, and lower limb kinematics. Inertial sensors are a validated tool for kinematic analyses ( Cuesta-Vargas, Galán-Mercant, & Williams, 2010 ; Steins, Dawes

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David Phillips and Andrew Karduna

recorded. Figure 1 Experimental setup. (1) Bracket and load cell set flush with forearm at 60° humeral elevation. (2) Middle deltoid electrodes. (3) Floor taping. Tape was placed at 60° from the coronal plane. The subject’s feet and pelvis were placed parallel to these lines with the shoulder in line with

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Drue Stapleton

(BEND); segmental twist (TWIST); gait (GAIT); box lift (BOX); coin lift (COIN); single leg deadlift (SLDL); single leg squat (SLSQ); torsion control (TORS); pelvis rock (PEL) Composite FMS; injury = history of prior OMSD from fire department database; “injuries not related to functional movement such as

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Anamaria Laudet Silva Mangubat, Janet Hanwen Zhang, Zoe Yau-Shan Chan, Aislinn Joan MacPhail, Ivan Pui-Hung Au and Roy Tsz-Hei Cheung

:10.1007/s00221-006-0353-6 10.1007/s00221-006-0353-6 16489437 6. Latt MD , Menz HB , Fung VS , Lord SR . Walking speed, cadence and step length are selected to optimize the stability of head and pelvis accelerations . Exp Brain Res . 2008 ; 184 ( 2 ): 201 – 209 . PubMed ID: 17717650 doi