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Matthew R. Hodler

, while also focusing on particular sporting structures like NASCAR and extreme sports, as well as longstanding archetypes like the American Football Quarterback. His ability to link the media coverage of these seemingly disparate athletes across a variety of themes, such as Armstrong’s redemption or

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Ken Payne and Curtis Edge

really good example. He has taken steps to make sure he has the public image to make him a big star. He is one who is known more in the U.S. than in Europe. Interviewer : Extreme-sports categories such as half-pipe, slopestyle, and big air. What kind of difference did the inclusion of those events make

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Emanuele D’Artibale, Maheswaran Rohan and John B. Cronin

. Perception of risk and attractiveness of extreme sports among Turkish university students . Hacettepe J Sport Sci . 2014 ; 25 ( 1 ): 11 – 22 . 3. Lippi G , Salvagno GL , Franchini M , Guidi GC . Changes in technical regulations and drivers’ safety in top-class motor sports . Br J Sports Med

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Andrzej Gawrecki, Aleksandra Araszkiewicz, Agnieszka Szadkowska, Grzegorz Biegański, Jan Konarski, Katarzyna Domaszewska, Arkadiusz Michalak, Bogda Skowrońska, Anna Adamska, Dariusz Naskręt, Przemysława Jarosz-Chobot, Agnieszka Szypowska, Tomasz Klupa and Dorota Zozulińska-Ziółkiewicz

made physical activity common among people with diabetes. Moreover, besides engaging in recreational exercise, patients with T1DM often pursue professional sports, including extreme sports that provoke maximal effort ( 13 ). During sport, diabetologists aim to maintain optimal blood glucose levels in

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Lin Yu, Hanhan Xue and Joshua I. Newman

”—each district has developed distinct sporting events with significant social and tourism impacts and formed its own brand of sporting events. For example, the Yangpu District would be actively engaged in developing and promoting extreme sports events while Jinshan District focused on beach volleyball events and

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Dylan Brennan, Aleksandra A. Zecevic, Shannon L. Sibbald and Volker Nolte

epidemiological evidence, prevalence, and interventions to promote “Active Aging” . The Gerontologist, 56 ( 52 ), 268 – 280 . doi:10.1093/geront/gnw031 10.1093/geront/gnw031 Brymer , E. ( 2011 ). Risk taking in extreme sports: A phenomenological perspective . Annals of Leisure Research, 13 ( 1–2 ), 218

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Mark Dyreson

measurements at a “short” 64-km race revealed that the runners burned far more than the 10,000-kilocalorie daily limit previously considered possible from observations of human endurance in “civilized” extreme sports such as skiing, mountaineering, and bicycle racing. Balke and Snow contended that observations

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Matthew Lamont and Sheranne Fairley

factor in the group’s production of the Beer Mile. Beer Mile events are an increasingly prevalent though unconventional athletic challenge. The global repository of Beer Mile events introduce these events this way: In the vast world of extreme sports, there exists a sub-culture at its

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Kevin Filo, David Fechner and Yuhei Inoue

. ( 2003 ). Participation in philanthropic activities: Donating money and time . Journal of Consumer Policy, 26, 43 – 73 . doi: 10.1023/A:1022626529603 Brymer , E. , & Schweitzer , R.D. ( 2017 ). Evoking the ineffable: The phenomenology of extreme sports . Psychology of Consciousness: Theory

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Calvin Nite and Marvin Washington

implementation of innovative scoring techniques of extreme sports. Although officials embraced technological advancements as supportive of their jobs, athletes were concerned that standardization would inhibit their creativity and individuality. Tensions may also arise from questions of equity through the