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Jimmy Sanderson, Sarah Stokowski and Elizabeth Taylor

disclose on social media and how such content might potentially violate National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) rules ( Sanderson, 2018a ; Sanderson, Snyder, Hull, & Gramlich, 2015 ). Against this backdrop, Temple University’s football program introduced a unique social media strategy for its 2018

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Mathieu Winand, Matthew Belot, Sebastian Merten and Dimitrios Kolyperas

Internationale de Football Association ), which manages the game of football (soccer) and whose members are national football associations around the world. The purpose of this research was to examine the way FIFA uses Twitter and analyze how this ISF interacts with its followers using this particular social

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David L. Carey, Justin Crow, Kok-Leong Ong, Peter Blanch, Meg E. Morris, Ben J. Dascombe and Kay M. Crossley

Australian football. 3 Currently, physical-preparation staff are tasked with balancing the training guidelines associated with injury-risk reduction and performance improvement when prescribing training loads. Mathematical optimization is a method that may help in this process, particularly as more data on

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Arzu Erden and Murat Emirzeoğlu

field. The hypotheses of the study were that: H1: Body awareness and PES level are different in the 4 different sports of football, basketball, swimming, and handball. H2: Body awareness and emotional performance are correlated in the 4 branches of football, basketball, swimming, and handball. Methods

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Niall O’Regan and Seamus Kelly

Building on previous research that explored coaching and coach education in Ireland ( Chambers & Gregg, 2016 ), this article provides a history of the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) and coach education in Ireland. An overview of coach education in Ireland precedes how UEFA policy documents

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Stine Nylandsted Jensen, Andreas Ivarsson, Johan Fallby and Anne-Marie Elbe

extent of one’s gambling involvement, jeopardizing or losing a significant relationship or career opportunity due to gambling, or relying on others to provide money to relieve desperate financial situations caused by gambling ( Hodgins, Stea, & Grant, 2011 ). Gambling on the outcomes of football matches

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Sinéad O’Keeffe, Niamh Ní Chéilleachair and Siobhán O’Connor

The Gaelic Athletic Association plays an important role in the physical activity practices of Irish society, with Gaelic football recognized as the most popular club sport for adolescent males. 1 Gaelic football is a high-intensity, high-velocity contact game that requires large volumes of

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Hans Braun, Judith von Andrian-Werburg, Wilhelm Schänzer and Mario Thevis

Football is one of the world’s most famous sports, played by over 30 million females worldwide. Fifty-four percent of all registered female football players are youth players ( 18 ). In Germany, football, following gymnastics, is the most common sport for girls aged 7–18 years, played by a total of

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Eric Emmanuel Coris, Stephen Walz, Jeff Konin and Michele Pescasio


Heat illness is the third leading cause of death in athletics and a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in exercising athletes. Once faced with a case of heat related illness, severe or mild, the health care professional is often faced with the question of when to reactivate the athlete for competitive sport. Resuming activity without modifying risk factors could lead to recurrence of heat related illness of similar or greater severity. Also, having had heat illness in and of itself may be a risk factor for future heat related illness. The decision to return the athlete and the process of risk reduction is complex and requires input from all of the components of the team. Involving the entire sports medicine team often allows for the safest, most successful return to play strategy. Care must be taken once the athlete does begin to return to activity to allow for re-acclimatization to exercise in the heat prior to resumption particularly following a long convalescent period after more severe heat related illness.

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Kurtis Pankow, Amber D. Mosewich and Nicholas L. Holt

qualities ( Day, Fleenor, Atwater, Sturm, & McKee, 2014 ). In the current study, we examined model youth football coaches’ perceptions of their leadership styles and factors that contributed to the development of these leadership styles, in order generate more knowledge about leadership in youth sport