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Marcus J. Colby, Brian Dawson, Peter Peeling, Jarryd Heasman, Brent Rogalski, Michael K. Drew and Jordan Stares

injury risk, identifying 50% of injuries in this cohort. As such, preventive strategies should ensure AF players attain >150 m of sprint volume per week to maintain a minimum workload for competitive demands. 2 Practitioners may also take a selective prevention approach 29 for players forecasted to

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Annemarie Farrell

begin with an historical look at data collection and analysis, highlighting sabermetrics and the overall direction of data forecasting and evidence-based decision making. A chapter offered later in this section examines best practices in social-media analytics, focusing on Twitter and the 2013 Tour de

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Kristin D. Morgan

cruciate ligament deficient knee . Clin Biomech . 2004 ; 19 ( 9 ): 957 – 963 . doi:10.1016/j.clinbiomech.2004.06.008 10.1016/j.clinbiomech.2004.06.008 15. Box GEP , Jenkins GM . Time Series Analysis: Forecasting and Control, revised ed. San Francisco, CA : Holden-Day ; 1976 . 16. Montgomery

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Anna Sverdlik, Robert J. Vallerand, Ariane St-Louis, Michael Sam Tion and Geneviève Porlier

, & Lavigne, 2009 , Study 2). Finally, some scientists have begun to explore the role of passion in the use of future temporal processes, such as affective forecasting. Wilson and Gilbert ( 2003 ) defined affective forecasting as the ability to predict how one will feel in a future situation. Their research

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Stuart R. Graham, Stuart Cormack, Gaynor Parfitt and Roger Eston

mesocycles of training. 1 – 3 The majority of investigations assessing the efficacy of using a mathematical model approach to optimally guide the periodicity of physical training and forecast future physical performance outcomes have used empiric training and performance data from athletes competing in

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Tania Pereira, John Durocher and Jamie Burr

physical demand of snowmobiling. Using the linear regression of HR and VO 2 established during the graded exercise test, the expected HR while riding was forecast using the riding VO 2 and compared with the concurrently measured HR to determine offset. Muscular Strength and Power Strength and power tests

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Job Fransen, Adam Baxter-Jones and Stephen Woodcock

, Wheelwright SC , Hyndman RJ . Forecasting: Methods and Applications . New York, NY : Wiley ; 1998 . 6. Mirwald RL , Baxter-Jones AD , Bailey DA , Beunen GP . An assessment of maturity from anthropometric measurements . Med Sci Sports Exerc . 2002 ; 34 ( 4 ): 689 – 94 . PubMed 11932580 7

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Sasha A. Fleary, Robin Mehl and Claudio Nigg

input in early drafts. This project was funded by the Hawaii Medical Service Association, an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. References 1. Reither EN , Olshansky SJ , Yang Y . New forecasting methodology indicates more disease and earlier mortality ahead for

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Chelsee A. Shortt, Collin A. Webster, Richard J. Keegan, Cate A. Egan and Ali S. Brian

to the Delphi method: An attitudinal perspective . Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 25 , 281 – 292 . doi:10.1016/0040-1625(84)90006-4 10.1016/0040-1625(84)90006-4 Bazeley , P. ( 2013 ). Qualitative data analysis: Practical strategies . London, UK : Sage . Bordoloi , S

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Bradley D. Hatfield, Calvin M. Lu and Jo B. Zimmerman

University of Michigan, described the emerging field of sport analytics wherein patterns are captured from large data sets, or the use of Big Data forecasting. This is an emerging area of human performance and is growing with the advent of wearable technologies. Szymanski states that sport analytics promises