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Sasha A. Fleary, Robin Mehl and Claudio Nigg

input in early drafts. This project was funded by the Hawaii Medical Service Association, an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. References 1. Reither EN , Olshansky SJ , Yang Y . New forecasting methodology indicates more disease and earlier mortality ahead for

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Tanya R. Berry, Wendy M. Rodgers, Alison Divine and Craig Hall

forecasting (i.e., predicting how you will feel about a situation in the future); such forecasting is based exclusively on explicit evaluations even though implicit evaluations are also an important factor in how one feels ( Shoda et al., 2014b ). Brand and Ekkekakis ( 2017 ) also argue that implicit

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Charlotte L. Edwardson, Melanie Davies, Kamlesh Khunti, Thomas Yates and Alex V. Rowlands

.014 Statista Website [Internet] . ( 2017a ). Forecast unit sales of wearables worldwide by category from 2014 to 2016 (in millions) . Retrieved from Statista Website [Internet] . ( 2017b ). Facts on wearable technology

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Stuart R. Graham, Stuart Cormack, Gaynor Parfitt and Roger Eston

the training process and has been applied to forecast training loads to maximize performance responses for individual athletes. 3 – 8 Several studies using empirical training and performance data from highly trained endurance athletes have demonstrated moderate to very large correlations between

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Simone Pettigrew, Elissa Burton, Kaela Farrier, Anne-Marie Hill, Liz Bainbridge, Gill Lewin, Phil Airey and Keith Hill

Worldwide, the facilitation of healthy aging is a policy priority in an attempt to manage the substantial growth in health system costs forecast to result from population aging ( World Health Organization, 2015 ). Physical activity is critical to healthy aging, and strength training is a

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Albert R. Mendoza, Kate Lyden, John Sirard, John Staudenmayer, Catrine Tudor-Locke and Patty S. Freedson

. , Chansin , G. , & Zervos , H. ( 2017 ). Wearable Technology 2017-2027: Markets, Players, Forecasts . Retrieved from Hickey , A. , John , D. , Sasaki , J.E. , Mavilia , M. , & Freedson

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Kevin Lanza, Brian Stone Jr, Paul M. Chakalian, Carina J. Gronlund, David M. Hondula, Larissa Larsen, Evan Mallen and Regine Haardörfer

September 2016, researchers asked study participants to complete at least 6 study days, with eligible study days identified as those forecasted to be comparably hotter than others throughout the summer. Physical Activity Measurement The 3HEAT collected the physical activity data used in this work through

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Jenna D. Gilchrist, David E. Conroy and Catherine M. Sabiston

. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 35 , 172 – 186 . doi:10.1177/0146167208326124 Morewedge , C.K. , & Buechel , E.C. ( 2013 ). Motivated underpinnings of the impact bias in affective forecasts . Emotion, 13 , 1023 – 1029 . http

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Pedro Teques, Luís Calmeiro, Henrique Martins, Daniel Duarte and Nicholas L. Holt

-James, Schneiderman, and Salovey ( 2007 ) showed that spectators of a basketball game who are high in EI ability made more accurate forecasts about their own affective responses to the outcome of the event. Despite the clear theoretical foundation of MSCEIT, Laborde et al. ( 2016 ) summarize the limitations of this

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Gregory Knell, Deborah Salvo, Kerem Shuval, Casey Durand, Harold W. Kohl III and Kelley P. Gabriel

likely applicable to any setting and can be replicated within one’s own source population. In summary, studies using mail-based data collection protocols would greatly benefit from being able to forecast the return percentages of data collection instruments. More importantly is the ability to determine