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R.L. Caughron

the motives and tactics of the major sport organizations in their presentation of history, as well as giving the historical information that sport thrives on. Chapter 3 of the book is an in-depth analysis of instant replay, with both an interesting historical analysis and a discussion of how it

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Samuel M. Clevenger

conceptual and theoretical faults. Throughout the book, Cohen primarily focuses on sporting experiences within urban spaces, omitting consideration of the environmental and constructions of “nature” in the (re)production of sporting discourses and ideologies. This is a notable weakness in Cohen’s historical

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David S. Walsh and Paul M. Wright

Social Responsibility (TPSR) model that was crafted by Richards and Shiver ( 2020 ) in this issue (“‘What’s Worth Doing?’: A Qualitative Historical Analysis of the TPSR Model”), along with the process of scholarship he used to develop it, as presented by Wright, Fuerniss, and Cutforth ( 2020 ; “Don

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Paul M. Wright and David Walsh

Qualitative Historical Analysis of the TPSR Model,” is authored by Kevin Richards and Victoria Ivy. This article does focus more on Don’s work. Framed as a qualitative historiography, this article uses content analysis to trace the evolution of Don’s teaching approach through several iterations of what he

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Jenn M. Jacobs and Thomas Templin

’s TPSR or not, as long as it helps the kids, it’s fine.’” For further discussion and description of the model’s creation and evolution, please see the following article contained in this special issue, by Richards and Shiver ( 2020 ), “‘What’s Worth Doing?’: A Qualitative Historical Analysis of the TPSR

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Bernard Liew, Kevin Netto and Susan Morris

stress . BMC Med . 2012 ; 10 : 77 . PubMed doi:10.1186/1741-7015-10-77 10.1186/1741-7015-10-77 2. Hoffman MD , Ong JC , Wang G . Historical analysis of participation in 161 km ultramarathons in North America . Int J History Sport . 2010 ; 27 ( 11 ): 1877

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Tom Fabian

establishes a foundation for future historical analysis of this socially relevant sport and institutionally controversial sport federation. This is followed by an analysis of corruption in international sport governance, primarily through the research of Play the Game, a research-based watchdog arm of the

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Shelley Lucas

by the UCI because it exceeded UCI regulations for number of stages, length of stages, amount of climbing, and so forth. 47 Taking up Southgate’s suggestion to write memories into something new would entail further historical analysis and recognition of the histories behind the one-day invitation

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Paul M. Wright, Karisa Fuerniss and Nicholas Cutforth

, 90 ( 3 ), 35 – 44 . Richards , K.A.R. , & Shiver , V.N. ( 2020 ). “What’s worth doing?”: A qualitative historical analysis of the TPSR model . Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 39 ( 3 ). doi:10.1123/jtpe.2019-0215 10.1123/jtpe.2019-0215 Schilling , T. ( 2001 ). An investigation

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C. Keith Harrison and Jay J. Coakley

the interim—not only in terms of technological advances, advances for women athletes, global expansion, and myriad other issues we probably have not even dreamed to consider yet—but also to wonder how the historical analysis of hip-hop and sport will be told (as it barely finds mention in the sport