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Yaser Alikhajeh, Elyas Barabadi and Gholam Rasul Mohammad Rahimi

circulation of blood and lymph, enhances muscle performance, decreases muscle tension, diminishes pain, 13 , 15 – 18 and alters motor unit recruitment. 12 The KT utilizes an elastic adhesive strip that is applied to the subject’s skin under tension. KT is sticky, is stimulated via heat, has similar

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Alon Eliakim, Ita Litmanovitz and Dan Nemet

in the immediate postnatal period and include passive range-of-motion exercise with gentle compression at the end of the flexion/extension range, lasting 5–15 minutes per day for 4–8 weeks. This exercise regimen may cause an increase in joint pressure and muscle tension leading to increased

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Dae-Hyun Kim, Jin-Hee Lee, Seul-Min Yu and Chang-Man An

muscle length–tension relationship. 13 The length–tension relationship is a biomechanical principle of variation in muscle tension due to muscle length changes. Skeletal muscles need more actin–myosin cross-bridges in order to produce higher magnitudes of force. However, if the sarcomere is not within

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Craig A. Wrisberg and Johannes Raabe

he might use to help him manage his anxiety. I suggested that he might add a relaxation breath (to diminish muscle tension) and a simple focus cue (i.e., attention control) to center his attention on something under his control. Before leaving the session, Alex practiced several minutes of

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Mary Hellen Morcelli, Dain Patrick LaRoche, Luciano Fernandes Crozara, Nise Ribeiro Marques, Camilla Zamfolini Hallal, Mauro Gonçalves and Marcelo Tavella Navega

associated with maximal muscle strength. 16 , 30 Taken together, these data suggest that a poor ability to rapidly activate and develop muscle tension at the onset of contraction is related to slow gait speed in older women. Resistance exercises targeting rapid force development may, therefore, be

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James Hackney, Jade McFarland, David Smith and Clinton Wallis

stiffness at similar forces result in greater joint compliance. This may reflect the effect of fatigue on lower body muscle tension (this possibility is addressed as a limitation), or motor learning or adaptation to the task of absorbing landing force. The finding that variability in initial jump height, as

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Michael Buchecker, Stefan Wegenkittl, Thomas Stöggl and Erich Müller

raw EMG signals, in turn, were processed to yield the specific linear envelopes, which are known to closely resemble the trend of muscle tension curves ( Winter, 2009 ). Thus, a classical low-pass filter (Butterworth filter, fourth order, zero lag, cutoff frequency: 2.5 Hz) was applied to the a priori

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Noureddin Nakhostin Ansari, Parisa Alaei, Soofia Naghdi, Zahra Fakhari, Shiva Komesh and Jan Dommerholt

00171.x 9564710 45. LaRoche DP , Connolly DA . Effects of stretching on passive muscle tension and response to eccentric exercise . Am J Sports Med . 2006 ; 34 ( 6 ): 1000 – 1007 . PubMed ID: 16476913 doi:10.1177/0363546505284238 10.1177/0363546505284238 16476913

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Fawaz A. Alwadani, Huaqing Liang and Alexander S. Aruin

, Prince, Ishac, & Gielo-Perczak, 1998 ). Moreover, the proprioceptive inputs from the plantar and dorsiflexor muscles of the ankle regulate postural sway in the sagittal plane ( Di Giulio et al., 2009 ; Loram, Maganaris, & Lakie, 2005 ). The Golgi tendon organs (sensitive to muscle tension) and muscle

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Berkiye Kirmizigil, Jeffry Roy Chauchat, Omer Yalciner, Gozde Iyigun, Ender Angin and Gul Baltaci

physiotherapist applied KT inhibition technique to the rectus femoris from the insertion to origin with light tension (15%–25% of available tension), to inhibit muscle tension. We preferred to use this taping technique which may prevent muscle spasm, a reason of DOMS. To be clear, the tape was cut in a Y shape