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Gareth J. Jones, Katie Misener, Per G. Svensson, Elizabeth Taylor and Moonsup Hyun

unbalanced network structures ultimately create market inefficiencies that detract from sector-wide growth and impact. For example, in the youth sport context, there is clear empirical evidence of the value and importance of sport sampling (e.g., multisport experiences) and diverse leisure repertoires

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Kathy Babiak, Lucie Thibault and Annick Willem

. More specifically, suggested research prospects such as network dynamics (cf. Babiak & Thibault, 2009 ; Steen-Johnsen, 2008 ); network structures where coordination is managed and knowledge, information, and resources are shared (cf. Sallent, Palau, & Guia, 2011 ; Wäsche & Woll, 2013 ); how access

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Michelle E. Jordan, Kent Lorenz, Michalis Stylianou and Pamela Hodges Kulinna

Academy of Management Journal, 52 ( 6 ), 1101 – 1124 . doi:10.5465/AMJ.2009.47084647 10.5465/amj.2009.47084647 Reagans , R. , & McEvily , B. ( 2003 ). Network structure and knowledge transfer: The effects of cohesion and range . Administrative Science Quarterly, 48 , 240 – 267 . doi:10

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Grace Yan, Ann Pegoraro and Nicholas M. Watanabe

that the players went beyond their normal network connections during the time of protest to actively spread messages on Twitter. Together, low density and high betweenness centrality indicated that although certain members functioned as important bridges within the network structure, it was the

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Per G. Svensson, Fredrik O. Andersson and Lewis Faulk

.21247 10.1002/nml.21247 Faulk , L. , Willems , J. , McGinnis Johnson , J. , & Stewart , A.J. ( 2016 ). Network connections and competitively awarded funding: The impacts of board network structures and status interlocks on nonprofit organizations’ foundation grant acquisition . Public

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Michael L. Naraine

open network structure, is the idea that information is contained in a few concentrated players; actors with high degrees of network centrality can solve problems more effectively (as they have access to more resources) and communication is much more efficient ( Borgatti et al., 2009 ). This model

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Ashley M. Duguay, Todd M. Loughead and James M. Cook

more equally (low network centralization). It should be noted that two very different network structures could result in a low degree centralization score, namely if all actors influence each other or if there is no influence in the network ( Gockel & Werth, 2010 ). Therefore, it is important to

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Liz Wanless and Jeffrey L. Stinson

, 15 ( 1 ), 48 – 70 . Arya , B. , & Lin , Z. ( 2007 ). Understanding collaboration outcomes from an extended resource-based view perspective: The roles of organizational characteristics, partner attributes, and network structures . Journal of Management, 33 ( 5 ), 697 – 723 . doi: 10

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Per G. Svensson and Richard Loat

the capabilities approach . Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal, 2 ( 1 ) 23 – 36 . 10.1080/23802014.2017.1314772 Dobbels , L. , Voets , J. , Marlier , M. , De Waegeneer , E. , & Willem , A. ( 2018 ). Why network structure and coordination matter: A social network analysis of sport for

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how to manage interdependence and potential non-linearity across multiple health behaviours in behavioural change interventions. External funding details: Funding: Cancer Research UK International Innovation The influence of social network structure on adolescents’ level of physical activity Tracie