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Florian Müller, Jonathan F. Best and Rouwen Cañal-Bruland

dominance cues on height judgments. Participants estimated the height of individuals displaying either dominant (i.e., lowered brows, direct gaze, open body posture, outward-directed gestures) or submissive (i.e., raised brows, averted gaze, closed posture, self-directed gestures) nonverbal behavior

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Erica Pasquini and Melissa Thompson

Physical assistance Physically moving player’s body to proper position Positive modeling Demonstrating a correct skill Encouragement Verbal or nonverbal praise or motivation given to athlete Scold Verbal or nonverbal behavior of displeasure Appendix B: Coach Expectancy Cycle Handout The coach expectancy

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Colin G. Pennington, Matthew D. Curtner-Smith and Stefanie A. Wind

.1080/0360127820080308 10.1080/0360127820080308 Chaikin , A.L. , Gillen , B. , Derlega , V.J. , Heinen , J.R. , & Wilson , M. ( 1978 ). Students’ reactions to teachers’ physical attractiveness and nonverbal behavior: Two exploratory studies . Psychology in the Schools, 15 , 588 – 595 . Class , J

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Andy Gillham and Craig Stone

impact of nonverbal behavior in relation to team confidence, energy, and performance. More specifically, Seiler et al. ( 2018 ) noted that the effects of collective energy and cohesion remained largely due more to nonverbal behavior rather than performance information (e.g., objective identifiers as to

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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Allison B. Smith, Cheryl R. Rode and Robin Hardin

student-to-faculty interactions as well as faculty-to-faculty interactions. Lampman ( 2012 ) and Lampman et al. ( 2009 ) discuss incivility occurring on a continuum with varying points. Incivility presents itself in various forms but typically falls under one of these areas: nonverbal behavior, verbal

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Breanna E. Studenka and Kodey Myers

Research Methods, 41 , 841 – 849 . PubMed ID: 19587200 doi:10.3758/BRM.41.3.841 10.3758/BRM.41.3.841 Lausberg , H. , & Sloetjes , H. ( 2016 ). The revised NEUROGES–ELAN system: An objective and reliable interdisciplinary analysis tool for nonverbal behavior and gesture . Behavior Research Methods

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Greg Wood, Samuel J. Vine, Johnny Parr and Mark R. Wilson

-011-0398-8 10.1007/s10339-011-0398-8 Mann , S. , Vrij , A. , Leal , S. , Granhag , P.A. , Warmelink , L. , & Forrester , D. ( 2012 ). Windows to the soul? Deliberate eye contact as a cue to deceit . Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, 36 ( 3 ), 205 – 215 . doi:10.1007/s10919-012-0132-y 10.1007/s

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Yani L. Dickens, Judy Van Raalte and Russell T. Hurlburt

-talk is the fact that widely differing definitions of self-talk have been used ( Hardy, 2006 ), ranging from internal dialog ( Hackfort & Schwenkmezger, 1993 ) to any kind of thinking including visual imagery ( Bunker, Williams, & Zinsser, 1993 ), sometimes including nonverbal behavior such as a smile or

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E. Earlynn Lauer, Mark Lerman, Rebecca A. Zakrajsek and Larry Lauer

display positive body language and nonverbal behaviors immediately following a point. Recover and refocus were addressed first with the physical act of using a towel. All athletes were required to bring a small towel to each tennis practice and place it along the back curtain or fence. After each

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Amy Barrette and Katherine Harman

the ability to read their nonverbal behaviors. While he reported mainly focusing on changes in facial expressions, he also looked for subtle cues in their technique, such as functional limitations, which could indicate that they were in pain. However, when shown the different pictures of his athlete