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Jaana Parviainen

exercise, healthy eating, and tobacco cessation, which in turns boosts employee productivity ( Baicker, Cutler, & Song, 2010 ). For the purposes of this paper, fitness programs may include fitness and sport classes, consultations, personal trainer services, and biometric screening equipment, all of which

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Rebecca Reynolds, Santhya and David Menzies

federal governments, collaborations with other organizations, interventions targeting specific groups of people (eg, chronic disease specific), and the provision of training courses and guidelines for health professionals (eg, personal trainers, doctors, and nurses). Member goals relating to physical

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Stephen M. Glass, Alessandro Napoli, Elizabeth D. Thompson, Iyad Obeid and Carole A. Tucker

by each of 3 human raters who were experienced with BESS test administration: 2 physical therapists (each with >10 y of experience, including BESS experience deriving from research, instruction, and musculoskeletal screening) and 1 personal trainer (>10 y of experience, with >5 y of experience

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Donna L. Goodwin and Amanda Ebert

a workout buddy for a disabled person. Ironically, when Cindy and Kate provided qualified personal trainers to work one on one with their children, facility policies restricted their entry because they were not employed by the fitness centers. Ableism prevented community program supports, yet when

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Renee Engeln, Margaret Shavlik and Colleen Daly

(which the women faced while exercising). The fitness class (which included basic strength-building movements easily modified for different fitness levels) lasted approximately 16 minutes and was taught by the third author, a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer. The instructor/third author

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Jordan Deneau, Sean Horton and Paula M. van Wyk

’s college Teacher Married Scott 80 Master’s degree Principal Married Brendan 80 Teacher’s college Teacher Widower Barry 78 One year of university Personal trainer b Married Inactive ( n  = 6) Gordon 85 Grade 11 Photo editor Widower Ty 78 Trade school Mechanic Married Ted 79 Grade 11 Business owner Married

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Dimitrios Challoumas and Andreas Artemiou

optimization programs. Acknowledgments We would like to thank the personal trainer Maria Aristeidou for her invaluable assistance in data collection and the coaches and players of the teams Nea Salamina and AE Karava for their participation. The results of this study do not constitute endorsement of the

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Todd Miller, Stephanie Mull, Alan Albert Aragon, James Krieger and Brad Jon Schoenfeld

. All training sessions were performed under the individual supervision of a certified personal trainer from Power Train. Training sessions continued at a rate of two to three per week (depending on training phase) for 16 weeks. The RT intervention consisted of two separate workout complexes that were

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Morgan Potter, John C. Spence, Normand Boulé, Jodie A. Stearns and Valerie Carson

used to assess physical fitness at follow-up ( 5 ). At least one research assistant facilitating data collection was certified as a personal trainer through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. The battery of fitness tests measured anthropometry (waist circumference), cardiovascular fitness

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James A. Carson, John K. Petrella, Vanessa Yingling, Mallory R. Marshall, Jenny O and Jennifer J. Sherwood

) in order to make appropriate professional decisions regarding how to effectively work with a given individual or group. Moreover, kinesiology professionals must understand how to work effectively in various types of groups, be it dyad groups (e.g., personal trainer and client), small- to moderate