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Mark Urtel, Sara F. Michaliszyn and Craig Stiemsma

Internships in higher education are not a new practice. In fact, it is generally noted that the first formal internship program occurred in 1889 at Johns Hopkins Medical School ( Wentz & Ford, 1984 ). Prior to this, medical school faculty were developing ways for medical “apprentices” to acquire

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Boris Dugonjić, Saša Krstulović and Goran Kuvačić

adverse effect on health, physiological, and psychological status of athletes, there are important ethical implications of RWL that are often neglected ( Artioli et al., 2016 ). For example, some researchers question if it is ethically justified to tolerate athletes practicing RWL, when facing

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Phillip Ward

content knowledge (PCK). Given this description of teaching, teacher educators face a daunting task to help novices learn to teach within the limits of a curriculum defined by a set of fixed credit hours. In recent years, core practices have been proposed both as a strategy to help novices successfully

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Niek Pot, Margaret E. Whitehead and Elizabeth J. Durden-Myers

both policy and practice in the fields of sport, health, education, and recreation in several countries around the globe ( Haydn-Davies, 2010 ; Higgs, 2010 ; Jurbala, 2015 ; Pot & van Hilvoorde, 2013 ). Physical literacy probably appeals to practitioners and policymakers in these fields because the

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Jared Porter, Hubert Makaruk and Marcin Starzak

According to the constrained action hypothesis, an external focus of attention is beneficial for motor learning due to improvements in movement automization. In contrast, an internal focus of attention interferes with automaticity and decreases the effects of motor learning. This study was designed to test the automaticity assumption of the focus of attention effect within a highly skilled population. We examined the effects of attentional focus on kinematics in rope jumping and visual control. Participants practiced the rope-jumping task over five days of acquisition, which was followed by a retention and transfer test. The findings provided evidence that the learning of the task was improved and automaticity was increased by the external focus compared with the internal focus and no attentional (i.e., control condition) conditions. In addition, these findings indicate that visual attention as a function of attentional focus has a stronger relationship with practice performance rather than with motor learning effects.

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Deborah A. Jehu, Yves Lajoie and Nicole Paquet

greater within one testing session (.98) than those between four testing sessions (.92) during overground walking ( Karst, Hageman, Jones, & Bunner, 1999 ). Other research demonstrated that dual-task practice between the experimental protocol in Sessions 1 and 2 resulted in reduced variability of gait

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Hebe Schaillée, Ramón Spaaij, Ruth Jeanes and Marc Theeboom

Knowledge translation has emerged as an important area of research activity to enhance the fit between research-based knowledge and its application in policy and practice ( Greenhalgh & Wieringa, 2011 ). National competitive research funding schemes increasingly demand that applicants demonstrate

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Reid Reale, Gary Slater and Louise M. Burke

weight divisions between combat sports affect these recovery efforts. Factors aside from competition regulations and physiological requirements influence weight loss practices, including psychology, level of competition, sporting culture, as well as the wider environment. 1 , 15 For example, differences

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Stiliani Ani Chroni, Frank Abrahamsen, Eivind Skille and Liv Hemmestad

felt challenged to overcome adverse situations in facilitative ways ( Chroni et al., 2016 ). In order to gain a more comprehensive understanding, the present study was conceptualized, where we looked at Norwegian federation officials’ practices in their role of working closely with the national team

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David R. Bassett, Patty S. Freedson and Dinesh John

, less than perfect measure that is highly related to health. Today, BMI has been universally accepted and is widely used in clinical practice and public health surveillance. Similar to BMI, steps per day is easy to comprehend and has the potential to provide a simple, standardized metric with tremendous