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Richard Latzel, Olaf Hoos, Sebastian Stier, Sebastian Kaufmann, Volker Fresz, Dominik Reim and Ralph Beneke

ability to aerobically rephosphorylate high-energy phosphates during short breaks. Acknowledgments None of the authors received funding for this work from any organization, other than salary support for the authors from their respective institutions. The results of the present study do not constitute

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Thomas J. Templin, Kim C. Graber and K. Andrew R. Richards

financially while also attempting to save for the future. Although it is unlikely that individuals pursue degrees in teaching primarily for financial rewards, the increasing cost of higher education coupled with comparatively low entry-level salaries in education likely influence individuals to seek more

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Martin J. MacInnis, Aaron C.Q. Thomas and Stuart M. Phillips

extend our results to field-based performance measures. Acknowledgments The results of the current study do not constitute endorsement of the product by the authors or the journal. This study and the salary of M.J.M. were funded through a Mitacs Accelerate Postdoctoral Fellowship in partnership with

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Erin Calaine Inglis, Danilo Iannetta, Daniel A. Keir and Juan M. Murias

Council (NSERC) Master’s Award. Dr. J.M.M. was supported by the NSERC Discovery Grants Program ( RGPIN-2016-03698 ) and by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada National New Investigator Salary Award ( #1047725 ). All procedures performed in studies involving human participants were in accordance

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Nick Dobbin, Jamie Highton, Samantha L. Moss and Craig Twist

encouraged to develop young players, with financial incentives offered by the governing body that lifts salary restrictions on players eligible for both academy and senior rugby. This, in theory, offers young players a pathway into senior rugby league while allowing financially inferior teams to supplement

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Gil Rodas, Lourdes Osaba, David Arteta, Ricard Pruna, Dolors Fernández and Alejandro Lucia

paid out more than £217 million in salaries to injured players in the 2017–2018 season. It is therefore not surprising that injury forecasting is attracting growing attention from researchers, managers, and coaches as a way to inform strategies to reduce the likelihood of injuries to their players

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David P. Hedlund, Carol A. Fletcher, Simon M. Pack and Sean Dahlin

management An important component of coaching is the management of financial resources, such as those that might be used for salaries, travel, scholarships, equipment and more ( Côté, 2006 ). In elite government-funded sport (e.g., Olympic teams, National teams), the effective management of financial

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Urban Johnson and Mark Andersen

, Sawaqdeh, & Bufka, 2012 ), as well as concerns around limited salary prospects ( Fitzpatrick et al., 2016 ). This article is a follow-up to two studies from the previous 2 decades (i.e.,  Johnson, 1995 , 2006 ). In those studies, Johnson analyzed undergraduate students’ essays on the current and future

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Matthew D. DeLang, Mehdi Rouissi, Nicola L. Bragazzi, Karim Chamari and Paul A. Salamh

discovered that mixed-footed players earned higher salaries, posing an advantage of bilateral competence even within professional soccer alone. With these complex demands of the sport, understanding the tissue adaptations of soccer players may shed light on the internal physiological stresses the sport

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Göran Kenttä, Marte Bentzen, Kristen Dieffenbach and Peter Olusoga

. ( 1989 ). Gender and the salaries of coaches . Sociology of Sport Journal, 6 ( 4 ), 348 – 361 . doi:10.1123/ssj.6.4.348 10.1123/ssj.6.4.348 LaVoi , N.M. ( 2016a ). A framework to understand experiences of woman coaches around the globe. The Ecological-Intersectional model . In N. LaVoi (Ed