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David G. Behm

and volume, to chase the dream of a professional career with its associated high income or the prestige of Olympic or international success. Motor learning research has accumulated a body of evidence that espouses greater skill transfer benefits from playing and competing in a variety of sports and

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Stéphanie Turgeon, Kelsey Kendellen, Sara Kramers, Scott Rathwell and Martin Camiré

teaching life skills, creating an optimal sport climate, building relationships, and promoting life-skills transfer were found to be key strategies for facilitating student-athletes’ development of life skills in high school sport. Given that many high school sport coaches are, by profession, full

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Marty K. Baker, Jeffrey A. Graham, Allison Smith and Zachary T. Smith

approach and delivery of youth football. In general, there are three youth development philosophical approaches found in the different international documents: (1) encouraging sport-specific free play for enjoyment and long term involvement, (2) utilizing sport-specific free play for skill transfer, and (3

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Gabriel Andrade Paz, Marianna de Freitas Maia, Haroldo Gualter Santana, Humberto Miranda, Vicente Lima and John D. Willson

.05.011 24950995 17. Myer GD , Stroube BW , DiCesare CA , et al . Augmented feedback supports skill transfer and reduces high-risk injury landing mechanics: a double-blind, randomized controlled laboratory study . Am J Sports Med . 2013 ; 41 ( 3 ): 669 – 677 . PubMed ID: 23371471 doi:10

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Fernando Santos, Martin Camiré, Dany J. MacDonald, Henrique Campos, Manuel Conceição and Ana Silva

Skills Transfer – How would you elaborate a training session integrating the strategies presented in session four? – What strategies presented during the session do you believe are best suited to promoting PYD? Why? Session 5 – Debrief of session four questions – Integrating PYD-based strategies (follow

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János Négyesi, Menno P. Veldman, Kelly M.M. Berghuis, Marie Javet, József Tihanyi and Tibor Hortobágyi

, Hancock, & Gandevia, 2005 ). Combining MP with afferent stimulation could increase intermanual skill transfer. However, the mechanisms of SES-induced facilitatory effects are poorly understood. Delivering SES to the practicing hand could raise the excitability of the primary motor cortex (M1) through

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Jason D. Stone, Adam C. King, Shiho Goto, John D. Mata, Joseph Hannon, James C. Garrison, James Bothwell, Andrew R. Jagim, Margaret T. Jones and Jonathan M. Oliver

increasing risk for injury 9 and limiting skill transfer to sport. Previous studies suggest that joint kinetics and kinematics vary at differing loads 10 – 12 and/or positioning 13 , 14 during the performance of the back squat, an important exercise for strength–power athletes. 15 In experienced

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Gabriel Andrade Paz, Lohanne Almeida, Larissa Ruiz, Sabrina Casseres, Giovanna Xavier, João Lucas, Haroldo Gualter Santana, Humberto Miranda, Scott Bonnette and Jeffrey Willardson

ligament and patellofemoral joint injury prevention . Knee . 2014 ; 21 ( 5 ): 891 – 895 . PubMed ID: 24950995 doi: 10.1016/j.knee.2014.05.011 24950995 13. Myer GD , Stroube BW , DiCesare CA , et al . Augmented feedback supports skill transfer and reduces high-risk injury landing mechanics: a

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Christopher A. DiCesare, Scott Bonnette, Gregory D. Myer and Adam W. Kiefer

. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 19 ( 1 ), 51 – 60 . PubMed ID: 15705045 doi:10.1519/13643.1 Myer , G.D. , Stroube , B.W. , DiCesare , C.A. , Brent , J.L. , Ford , K.R. , Heidt , R.S. , Jr. , & Hewett , T.E. ( 2013 ). Augmented feedback supports skill transfer and

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Ali Brian, Sally Taunton, Lauren J. Lieberman, Pamela Haibach-Beach, John Foley and Sara Santarossa

individuals aged 3 years and older. Object control skills transfer to numerous games/sports (e.g., underhand throw and kicking could be used in five-a-side soccer; striking in beep baseball, etc.). Locomotor skills such as running, sliding, and jumping are necessary for a multitude of activities (e