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Daniel P. Joaquim, Claudia R. Juzwiak and Ciro Winckler

 ml of industrialized fruit juice was available at meal intervals and consumed before, during, or after training. Athletes could bring other foods and/or fluids, such as sport bars, fruits, sport drinks, or cereals, from home or stores, as long as they reported the intake to the researcher. All food

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Kelsey Dow, Robert Pritchett, Karen Roemer and Kelly Pritchett

endurance capacity following chocolate milk consumption compared with two commercially available sport drinks . Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 34 ( 1 ), 78 – 82 . PubMed ID: 19234590 doi:10.1139/H08-137 10.1139/H08-137 Upshaw , A.U. , Wong , T.S. , Bandegan , A. , & Lemon , P

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Laureen H. Smith, Devin Laurent, Erica Baumker and Rick L. Petosa

Gulp,” and a 2-liter soda. For each size, estimated servings were provided. With these visual cues, daily intake during the past 4 weeks was reported by responding to the following questions: (1) “I drink sweetened drinks (pop, sweet tea, flavored coffee drinks, sport drinks, fruit drinks) __ days per

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Jennifer Sygo, Alicia Kendig Glass, Sophie C. Killer and Trent Stellingwerff

, quickly absorbed and easily digested CHO and PRO snacks are needed for these training days, and can include both commercially made products and whole foods, such as sport drinks, PRO shakes, sport bars, gels, pureed fruit pouches, trail mixes, peanut butter sandwiches, fruit and yogurt smoothies, and meat

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Ben Desbrow, Nicholas A. Burd, Mark Tarnopolsky, Daniel R. Moore and Kirsty J. Elliott-Sale

that such issues are even more prevalent in older athletes. Given concerns about enamel loss and the potential for thermal sensitivity and/or caries in those who regularly consume sport drinks ( Venables et al., 2005 ), it is imperative that masters athletes engage in regular dental care. Physiological

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Brad Donohue, Yulia Gavrilova, Marina Galante, Elena Gavrilova, Travis Loughran, Jesse Scott, Graig Chow, Christopher P. Plant and Daniel N. Allen

of athletes. A gender neutral athlete emblem was integrated into university paraphernalia and educationally-relevant and inexpensive products valued by student athletes (e.g., back packs, t-shirts, pens, water and sport drinks, energy bars). These products were distributed at university events to

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Peter Peeling, Linda M. Castell, Wim Derave, Olivier de Hon and Louise M. Burke

scientific substantiation, beyond the benefits of each compound in isolation. Of note, some manufacturers add performance supplements or other ingredients to sports foods. For instance, protein shakes can contain creatine, sport drinks or sports bars can contain caffeine, and vitamins can be found in the

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Louise M. Burke, Graeme L. Close, Bronwen Lundy, Martin Mooses, James P. Morton and Adam S. Tenforde

), which they ascribe both to financial reasons as well as their belief that the Kenyan diet might be one of the factor to their superior performance. To this end, it is not surprising that these athletes rarely use any supplements ( Beis et al., 2011 ; Onywera et al., 2004 ) or sport drinks for energy

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glucose as well as estimated rates of carbohydrate and fat oxidation during steady state exercise. The results from this study support current carbohydrate intake guidelines and provide preliminary evidence for a lack of GI symptoms even at high feeding rates with a novel sport drink formulation. The