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International Sport Coaching Journal


environment. It is suggested that, to introduce the learner-centered teaching approach, a deep understanding of the institution’s culture of learning is required to address meaningful material and support learners’ engagement. Evaluating the Impact of a Coach Development Intervention for Improving Coaching

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Michel Milistetd, Pierre Trudel, Steven Rynne, Isabel Maria Ribeiro Mesquita and Juarez Vieira do Nascimento

treatments that most would call learner-centred” ( Weimer, 2013 , p. IX-X), the complementary of these four books is an asset. In an attempt to summarise the approaches espoused in these books, we compare some key characteristics of the instructor-centred teaching approach (ICT) and the learner

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Mark R. Lyberger

. Amherst, MA : Human Resource Development Press . Cavazos , L.F. ( 2002 ). Emphasizing performance goals and high-quality education for all students . Phi Delta Kappan, 83 ( 9 ), 690 – 697 . doi: 10.1177/003172170208300912 Dyer , J.E. , & Osborne , E.W. ( 1996 ). Effects of teaching approach

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Shane Pill, Brendon Hyndman, Brendan SueSee and John Williams

choices/pathways to use innovative teaching approaches with “pedagogical freedom” to enhance their motivation as teachers. These points align with the SDT motivational component of “autonomy” ( Ryan & Deci, 2017 ). Taylor, Ntoumanis, and Standage ( 2008 ) have previously reported that the more teachers

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Sara Kramers, Martin Camiré and Corliss Bean

skills, educational initiatives that help coaches better grasp key life skills concepts (i.e., differences between the implicit and explicit life skills teaching approaches) are needed to foster more coach awareness that hopefully translates into targeted and focused coaching ( Santos et al., 2018

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Rhys J. Thurston

learning approach nearly doubled their retention rate compared with students who did not. The benefits of spaced learning compared with massed learning are a prime example of how coaches can adapt a successful classroom teaching approach to the coaching world. One such sporting organization that is already

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Sarpreet Kahlon, Kiah Brubacher-Cressman, Erica Caron, Keren Ramonov, Ruth Taubman, Katherine Berg, F. Virginia Wright and Alicia J. Hilderley

Interviewer : Woah! That’s huge! That’s such an improvement! And how did that make you feel, seeing that you did so many more? Nala : Well, more tiring than before. Theme 3: “Teach Me How” Across all interviews, children identified the trainer’s teaching approach as important in facilitating their skill

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Diane M. Culver, Penny Werthner and Pierre Trudel

reflection, resulting in the material being either quickly covered, or cut to better meet the needs of the coaches. The former suggests an ‘instructor-centred teaching approach’ and the latter a ‘learner-centred teaching approach’ ( Blumberg, 2009 ). Third, in a constructivist view of learning, the learner

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Scott Pierce, Jedediah Blanton and Daniel Gould

framework helps practitioners critically examine why and how they are using technology and specific teaching approaches to educate athletes in sport psychology principles and skills ( Anderson et al., 2001 ; Mishra & Koehler, 2006 ). Finally, all sport psychology practices are evolving processes, and

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Kevin S. Spink and Kayla Fesser

mistakes is fostered by the coach ( Spink, 2014 ). Also, a coach using a reciprocal teaching approach during training ( Mosston & Ashworth, 2002 ) where one player performs a skill and another provides feedback might serve to reinforce the coach’s call for players to intervene with teammates during games