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Michel Milistetd, Pierre Trudel, Steven Rynne, Isabel Maria Ribeiro Mesquita and Juarez Vieira do Nascimento

treatments that most would call learner-centred” ( Weimer, 2013 , p. IX-X), the complementary of these four books is an asset. In an attempt to summarise the approaches espoused in these books, we compare some key characteristics of the instructor-centred teaching approach (ICT) and the learner

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Shane Pill, Brendon Hyndman, Brendan SueSee and John Williams

choices/pathways to use innovative teaching approaches with “pedagogical freedom” to enhance their motivation as teachers. These points align with the SDT motivational component of “autonomy” ( Ryan & Deci, 2017 ). Taylor, Ntoumanis, and Standage ( 2008 ) have previously reported that the more teachers

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Sara Kramers, Martin Camiré and Corliss Bean

skills, educational initiatives that help coaches better grasp key life skills concepts (i.e., differences between the implicit and explicit life skills teaching approaches) are needed to foster more coach awareness that hopefully translates into targeted and focused coaching ( Santos et al., 2018

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Rhys J. Thurston

learning approach nearly doubled their retention rate compared with students who did not. The benefits of spaced learning compared with massed learning are a prime example of how coaches can adapt a successful classroom teaching approach to the coaching world. One such sporting organization that is already

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Diane M. Culver, Penny Werthner and Pierre Trudel

reflection, resulting in the material being either quickly covered, or cut to better meet the needs of the coaches. The former suggests an ‘instructor-centred teaching approach’ and the latter a ‘learner-centred teaching approach’ ( Blumberg, 2009 ). Third, in a constructivist view of learning, the learner

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Kevin S. Spink and Kayla Fesser

mistakes is fostered by the coach ( Spink, 2014 ). Also, a coach using a reciprocal teaching approach during training ( Mosston & Ashworth, 2002 ) where one player performs a skill and another provides feedback might serve to reinforce the coach’s call for players to intervene with teammates during games

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Niek Pot, Margaret E. Whitehead and Elizabeth J. Durden-Myers

literacy and learning and teaching approaches . In M. Whitehead (Ed.), Physical literacy: Throughout the lifecourse (pp.  165 – 174 ). Abingdon, UK : Routledge . Higgs , C. ( 2010 ). Physical literacy—two approaches, one concept . Physical and Health Education, 76 ( 1 ), 6 – 7 . Husserl , E

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Pierre Trudel, Michel Milestetd and Diane M. Culver

the last decade ( Galatti et al., 2016 ). The emphasis on the student-coaches developing their reflective practice skills through the use of different teaching approaches and new reflective tools is of special interest because it differentiates the coach education programs in HE institutions and those

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Yubing Wang and Ang Chen

teaching approach used in the SHL group which focuses on knowledge learning. Conceptual learning is believed to be able to drive peoples’ behavior or behavior change ( von Glasersfeld, 1995 ). It is argued that conceptual understanding of PA and fitness has the potential to impact and change students

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Christine Galvan, Karen Meaney and Virginia Gray

added, “By that I mean, we were there to teach the kids and prepare them for a 5K but I think we were learning just as much, just in a different way.” Amelia summed up her experience, Service-learning differs from other teaching approaches by having us use what we learn in the classroom to solve real