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Lindsay T. Starling and Michael I. Lambert

their training load. One university-level team used global positioning system (GPS) and heart rate (HR) monitoring equipment, and 4 club-level teams used HR monitors. Training-Load Response Twenty-seven (49%) respondents rated monitoring the response to the training load as very important, and 26 (47

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Emanuele D’Artibale, Maheswaran Rohan and John B. Cronin

to standardize the fundamental conditions for performance-related data analysis, the following 3 criteria needed to be satisfied for the GPs to be included in the analysis: (1) the race was declared dry by RD before the start; (2) in case the white flag was waved at any point during the GP, none of

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Lennart Raudsepp and Eva-Maria Riso

. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 24 , 1192 – 1200 . PubMed doi:10.1002/gps.2245 10.1002/gps.2245 Julien , D. , Gauvin , L. , Richard , L. , Kestens , Y. , & Payette , H. ( 2013 ). Longitudinal associations between walking frequency and depressive symptoms in older adults: results

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Mathieu Lacome, Christopher Carling, Jean-Philippe Hager, Gerard Dine and Julien Piscione

Global Positioning System (GPS). Each player wore a 16-Hz unit (Sensoreverywhere V2; Digital Simulation, Paris, France) in a Lycra vest or in a bespoke pocket fitted in their playing jersey which positioned the unit on the upper thoracic spine between the scapulae. Preliminary work (unpublished data

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Farhan Juhari, Dean Ritchie, Fergus O’Connor, Nathan Pitchford, Matthew Weston, Heidi R. Thornton and Jonathan D. Bartlett

challenge to practitioners, owing to the different physiological and mechanical properties of each training mode, the varying technologies required, the issue of not being able to use some indoor technologies (ie, global positioning systems [GPS]), the cost, and the time required to monitor multiple

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Matthew A. Masucci

( Masucci, Butryn, & Johnson, 2019 ) advocated for the implementation of a GPS chip so that authorities could easily track their movements and eliminate the need for painstakingly filling out paperwork declaring their location for the purpose of unannounced testing! More realistically, however, the authors

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Andrea Nicolò, Marco Montini, Michele Girardi, Francesco Felici, Ilenia Bazzucchi and Massimo Sacchetti

, and practical measure of training load. 7 However, it does not provide detailed information on how effort is distributed over a training session. The difficulties in quantifying internal load and the large diffusion of GPS devices 1 have favored the monitoring of external load measures. In soccer

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Kayla Regan, Felicia White, David Harvey and Laura E. Middleton

a 5-year period for African American and White dementia caregivers . International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 23 , 857 – 862 . PubMed ID: 18338341 doi:10.1002/gps.1996 10.1002/gps.1996 Deary , I.J. , Watson , R. , Booth , T. , & Gale , C.R. ( 2013 ). Does cognitive ability

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International Sport Coaching Journal


of sport performance in competitive contexts has become synonymous with the use of a range of software applications and hardware e.g. heart rate monitors and GPS systems. This study adds to this literature by detailing the autoethnographic experiences of a case study coach; Derek. Analysis of Derek

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Reed D. Gurchiek, Hasthika S. Rupasinghe Arachchige Don, Lasanthi C. R. Pelawa Watagoda, Ryan S. McGinnis, Herman van Werkhoven, Alan R. Needle, Jeffrey M. McBride and Alan T. Arnholt

camera, 4 photocell, 1 and global positioning system (GPS)-determined 5 position–time data along with radar 1 and magnetic-inertial measurement unit 2 , 3 (MIMU)–determined velocity–time data. MIMU methods are attractive because they can provide additional metrics to augment the force