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Dawn Heinecken

athlete “does the cultural work of advertising opportunities…that masks the growing structural inequalities characteristics of the global economy and the . . . dismantling of New Deal support networks in the US” (p. 117). Embodying a new idealized subject, the potent figure of the female athlete works to

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Georgios Nalbantis, Marcel Fahrner and Tim Pawlowski

2012). Frankfurt, Germany : Author. DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH  . ( 2016 ). Bundesliga Report 2016 . Frankfurt, Germany : Author. Donthu , N. , & Garcia , A. ( 1999 ). The internet shopper . Journal of Advertising Research, 39 ( 3 ), 52 – 58 . Eurostat . ( 2016 ). ICT usage in

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Joseph H. Moore

filmed stories revealed higher retention scores than did “talking heads.” Almost 15 years later, Austin et al. examined political advertising and the effects of visual and audio advertisements on viewers’ attention and retention of information. Audiences paid more attention to visual messages, but there

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Rob Millington, Lyndsay M.C. Hayhurst, Audrey R. Giles and Steven Rynne

Manitoban community: Re-conceptualizing rural indigenous mobilities . Journal of Rural Studies, 42, 166 – 178 . doi: 10.1016/j.jrurstud.2015.09.008 Oh , H. , Bae , J. , & Kim , S.J. ( 2017 ). Can sinful firms benefit from advertising their CSR efforts? Adverse effect of advertising sinful firms

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David Pierce and James Johnson

as Enterprising in O*NET and the OF. Specifically, nearly all sales positions fall under the ES profile; moreover, Advertising and Promotions Manager, Sales Agent for a variety of industries, and Customer Service Representatives are ESC. Marketing and sales were significantly more Enterprising than a

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Shawn Forde and Brian Wilson

exert pressure on a sporting good company that she identified as using exploitative and sexist imagery in their advertising. As Szto explains: We wrote the piece asking them to stop doing their calendar and stop making ads that were, I think, supporting [masculinized] culture essentially for lacrosse

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Gashaw Abeza, David Finch, Norm O’Reilly, Eric MacIntosh and John Nadeau

(i.e., advertising) and uncontrolled media (i.e., television news) sources. ○ Sport news ○ Live broadcasts ○ Sport blogs ○ Websites Kim and Trail ( 2011 ) Girginov et al. ( 2009 ) Tsiotsou ( 2013 ) Tower et al. ( 2006 ) Williams and Chinn ( 2010 ) Peer networks Peer networks have been identified as

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Mohsen Behnam, Mikihiro Sato, Bradley J. Baker, Vahid Delshab and Mathieu Winand

’ commitment. For instance, NPSCs can employ experienced and highly involved staff in club services to develop close relationships that, in turn, support increased involvement. In general, sport scholars and managers must distinguish between marketing activities designed to promote services to consumers (i.e., advertising

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Jason Daniels, Thilo Kunkel and Adam Karg

preparing for inaugural seasons, given the results herein together with those of previous studies that have highlighted attribute salience at the beginning of league formation, teams have substantial power to maximize consumer perceptions, advertising efficiency, and brand equity. First, it is important to

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M. Ann Hall

advertising a walk by Mary Marshall in Worcester, Massachusetts. She completed the 50 miles in less than 12 hours (American Antiquarian Society). The armory was filled to capacity in the evenings, especially during the last day of the race when the outcome was in doubt. By the end of the fifth day, Bertha von