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Summer Davis, Xihe Zhu and Justin Haegele

 al.’s ( 2010 ) study, a strength test was one of the only fitness tests that overweight/obese students performed well on. In the current study, even though there were significantly more healthy weight students who were in the HFZ for push-ups (49% of healthy weight students), it should not be overlooked that

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Garrett M. Hester, Zachary K. Pope, Mitchel A. Magrini, Ryan J. Colquhoun, Alejandra Barrera-Curiel, Carlos A. Estrada, Alex A. Olmos and Jason M. DeFreitas

during baseline. Strong verbal encouragement and visual biofeedback were provided during all strength tests. The dynamometer chair settings were recorded to ensure that identical settings were used for each subsequent visit. Signal Processing The dynamometer velocity signal was sampled at 2 kHz using a

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Wonjae Choi and Seungwon Lee

general health in older adults ( Savino et al., 2013 ). The handgrip strength test is an inexpensive and time-efficient measurement procedure that can be easily performed. Sayer et al. ( 2006 ) found that people with low handgrip strength have decreased health-related quality of life. Handgrip strength is

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Paige E. Rice, Herman van Werkhoven, Edward K. Merritt and Jeffrey M. McBride

strength test. Finally, subjects performed a series of bilateral hops. Participants received instructions that they should (1) wear appropriate exercise clothing, (2) be well nourished and hydrated prior to testing, (3) avoid alcohol within 12 hours of testing and caffeine and tobacco within 3 hours of

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Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo, Cristian Alvarez, Felipe García-Pinillos, Paulo Gentil, Jason Moran, Lucas A. Pereira and Irineu Loturco

training against those induced by regular soccer training and (2) the TEC of DJs executed from 20- (DJ20) and 40-cm (DJ40) height boxes (with respect to different physical tasks: jump, linear and COD speed, kicking, endurance, and maximal strength tests) in youth male soccer players. Methods Study Design

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Elissa Burton, Karen Levit, Jim Codde, Keith D. Hill and Anne-Marie Hill

 al., 2000 ); handgrip strength test ( Roberts et al., 2011 ); health-related quality of life using the EQ5D-5L ( Herdman et al., 2011 ; Janssen et al., 2013 ); and the outcome expectations for exercise scale, which includes nine questions (5-point Likert scale), where a low score indicates low outcome

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Simone Ciaccioni, Laura Capranica, Roberta Forte, Helmi Chaabene, Caterina Pesce and Giancarlo Condello

postintervention conditions in judo group (JG); (b) Mean ± SD for strength tests showing significant differences (* p  < .005, ** p  < .001) between pre- and postintervention conditions in judo group (JG) and control group (CG). Figure 3 —Number of participants lying below, within, and above the normal range of

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Grant E. Norte, Katherine R. Knaus, Chris Kuenze, Geoffrey G. Handsfield, Craig H. Meyer, Silvia S. Blemker and Joseph M. Hart

quadriceps muscle function presurgery and postsurgery. During each visit, muscle volumes were obtained prior to strength testing to minimize the influence of physical exertion on muscle girth. The average duration from the time of injury to the date of the presurgery scan was 8.1 months (range 2.1–24.3 mo

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Hugh H.K. Fullagar, Robert McCunn and Andrew Murray

. Collegiate AF is also unique from the professional version of the game in that players cannot be bought and sold with a limit on the number of scholarships per university (85 at FBS level, 63 at FCS level). Student-athletes are recruited from high school based on their athletic ability, strength testing

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Brett D. Tarca, Thomas P. Wycherley, Paul Bennett, Anthony Meade and Katia E. Ferrar

32 , 38 , 43 , 47 of the 9 studies that used self-reported measures to capture PA data used the Human Activity Profile questionnaire. Only 5 included studies measured muscle strength and the relationship with physical function. Four of the 5 studies used muscle strength testing that would be