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Trygve B. Broch and Eivind Å. Skille

her reporting of frustrations related to NIF’s uncivil costs, but also inequality, patriarchy and doping in sports. Anticipating sport political apocalypse ( Smith, 2005 ) and evoking ideas of Norwegian sameness, she could take the stage as a hero of reformation. Any social drama contains actors who

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Sarah J. Hatteberg

spend together at the athletic center. Indeed, 100% of respondents reported having close relationships with fellow athletes and ninety percent (50/56) said the majority of their friends were athletes. This is unsurprising given that athletes felt connected to one another on the sole bases of their

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Martin Roderick and Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson

wrought by the heightened public visibility of professional athletes. We report key findings from a qualitative study into the lived experiences of 26 U.K.-based professional athletes (both females and males), the nature of whose work often challenges traditional understandings of the workplace and the

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Roger Gilles

, and children of all classes—”kid gloves were clapped together as vigorously as horny palms,” according to one report in the Cleveland Leader 7 —packing arenas throughout the Midwest. It was not unusual for the women to draw several thousand spectators per night. At least one race in Chicago drew more

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Kyle Siler

involve skills requiring less costly development, both prior to and during team membership ( Frey & Eitzen, 1991 ). Status characteristics and racial ideologies influence player evaluation. Recent scouting reports of college football players disproportionately used words such as “intelligent,” “gritty

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Tricia D. McGuire-Adams and Audrey R. Giles

women in overcoming the noted barriers ( Bruner & Chad, 2013 ) in maintaining physical activity and foster decolonization. Additionally, the Anishinaabekweg runners reported engage in running for the purpose of ceremony. While Coppola et al. ( 2016 ) discussed the link between cultural practices such as

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Cecilia Stenling and Michael Sam

considered in the third analytical step, but since frame extension was found to explain the strategy adopted by sport advocates and the remaining three did not, our focus here is on frame extension. Analysis Perceived Effective Advocacy Claims (RQ1) Resonating with frame alignment, sport advocates reported

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Sarah Barnes

, health, mindfulness, fitness, travel, leisure, and social status. Despite this, public polling consistently shows that most North American adults sleep less well than they would like. A 2013 report by the American Centre for Disease and Prevention suggests that 50–70 million Americans suffer from sleep

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Yoko Kanemasu

-middle-income country, a Fijian economist estimates that as much as 45% of the population lives in poverty ( Narsey, 2014 ). Formal social protection coverage is low: Only 5,157 disabled persons are reported to receive a disability allowance, whereas 113,595 persons have at least one form of disability ( Mala, 2019

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Christopher M. McLeod, Haozhou Pu and Joshua I. Newman

. Each method adds to the sport studies’ literature on the politics of articulation by considering how articulations are made through complex material procedures ( Caudwell, 2003 ; Davis, 1990 ; Newman, 2011 ). Blue Skies Over Beijing The following case study is based on public reports produced by the