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Kent Upham, Brandon J. Auer, Christopher N. Sciamanna, Andrew J. Mowen, Joshua M. Smyth, David E. Conroy, Matthew Silvis, Jennifer L. Kraschnewski, Liza S. Rovniak, Erik Lehman, Kalen Kearcher, Maggie Vizzini and Louis Cesarone

typically played 2-on-2, rather than 1-on-1, which reduces effort and increases opportunities for meaningful social interactions. 20 We considered focusing on a single sport to be a limitation, given that this may promote activity habituation and a feeling of monotony over time, potentially limiting

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Meg E. Letton, Jeanette M. Thom and Rachel E. Ward

group reported augmentation in confidence, social interaction, and well-being in individuals with Parkinson disease. 21 Improved therapeutic benefit, including greater enjoyment, perceived therapeutic benefit, and perceived advantages in socialization and self-esteem, was reported for children with

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Melinda Forthofer, Sara Wilcox, Deborah Kinnard, Brent Hutto and Patricia A. Sharpe

social cohesion and social interaction moderate built environment associations with walking? Paper presented at: Active Living Research Annual Meeting ; 2017 . St. Petersburg, FL . . Accessed

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Chia-Yuan Yu, Su-I Hou and Jonathan Miller

designed to improve psychosocial functioning could serve as an additional approach, as it has been found to be effective in enhancing mental health. Rehabilitation programs that include multidisciplinary components such as social interactions, counseling, and exercise programs have been found to improve

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Brian J. Foster and Graig M. Chow

, 11 , 133 – 159 . doi:10.1123/jsm.11.2.133 10.1123/jsm.11.2.133 DeFreese , J.D. , & Smith , A.L. ( 2014 ). Athlete social support, negative social interactions, and psychological health across a competitive sport season . Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 36 ( 6 ), 619 – 630 . PubMed

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Mitali S. Thanawala, Juned Siddique, John A. Schneider, Alka M. Kanaya, Andrew J. Cooper, Swapna S. Dave, Nicola Lancki and Namratha R. Kandula

direct experience of exercising together, positive feedback, and role modeling. In addition, having an exercise partner can increase the enjoyment associated with exercise because of positive social interactions. 36 Further research is needed to understand the mediators through which the social network

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Yongwoo Lee, Wonjae Choi, Kyeongjin Lee, Changho Song and Seungwon Lee

training increases social interaction, is low cost, and the games can be taken home, making training more convenient ( Martin-Moreno, Ruiz-Fernandez, Soriano-Paya, & Jesus Berenguer-Miralles, 2008 ). In this study, the participants had fun and focused on the game. They focused more on the game when they

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Gretchen Kerr, Anthony Battaglia and Ashley Stirling

than do parents, thus enabling them to exert control over areas of athletes’ lives in and outside of sport, such as their social interactions and academics ( Burke, 2001 ; Tomlinson & Yorganci, 1997 ). As parents are socialized into the elite-sport culture, they themselves, like the athletes, become

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Christopher Johansen, Kim D. Reynolds, Jennifer Wolch, Jason Byrne, Chih-Ping Chou, Sarah Boyle, Donna Spruijt-Metz, Brianna A. Lienemann, Susan Weaver and Michael Jerrett

between trail crowding and trail usage. 28 , 30 Our findings suggest that trails that have high foot traffic can be perceived as safe, therefore increasing trail usage. Increased foot traffic may also increase the number of social interactions, leading to positive social outcomes and increasing future

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Heather J. Leach, Katie B. Potter and Mary C. Hidde

warm-up). Group Processes • Personal introductions and name tags • Share motivation/reason for joining the intervention • Partner exercises and partner records heart rate, sets/reps/load • Friendly competition to achieve goals • Facilitated opportunities for social interaction during exercise sessions