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Deepika Singla and M. Ejaz Hussain

(Figure  4 ). Figure 4 —Back muscles’ strength testing (from left to right). Intervention A 15-minute warm-up session preceded the plyometric protocol and included push-ups (1–2 sets of 6–10 repetitions) and free throws of the medicine ball (2–3 sets of 8–10 repetitions) 31 so as to prepare the

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Francisco Alvarez-Barbosa, Jesús del Pozo-Cruz, Borja del Pozo-Cruz, Antonio García-Hermoso and Rosa María Alfonso-Rosa

the maximal grip strength test of the dominant hand ( Bautmans et al., 2005 ; Sievänen et al., 2012 ) and the maximal isometric knee extension ( Ochi et al., 2015 ; Verschueren et al., 2011 ). Finally, the effect of WBV on quality of life was measured by two of the studies; however, it was measured

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Danny Lum and Tiago M. Barbosa

Strength Cond Res . 2010 ; 24 : 1208 – 1214 . PubMed ID: 20386119 doi:10.1519/JSC.0b013e3181d8331e 10.1519/JSC.0b013e3181d8331e 18. Lawton TW , Cronin JB , McGuigan MR . Strength testing and training of rowers . Sports Med . 2011 ; 41 : 413 – 432 . PubMed ID: 21510717 doi:10

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Dylan O. Blain, Thomas Curran and Martyn Standage

period. On Day 1, the participants completed the obstacle course and the plank and anthropometric measures, and were issued with a pedometer. On Day 2, the participants completed a progressive aerobic cardiovascular endurance run test, sit and reach test, and grip strength test, and they completed the

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Amy J. Hector and Stuart M. Phillips

and FR groups. Finally, following a 30-day ketogenic diet (only 22 g carbohydrate per day), elite artistic gymnasts lost ∼1.9 kg fat mass, and a small but nonsignificant increase in LBM was observed, with no significant differences in strength tests ( Paoli et al., 2012 ). Thus, it is possible to

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Mehrez Hammami, Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo, Nawel Gaamouri, Gaith Aloui, Roy J. Shephard and Mohamed Souhaiel Chelly

between efforts, and the best performance was used for analyses. Handgrip Strength Test The hand dynamometer (Takei, Tokyo, Japan) was held with the arm at right angles and the elbows at the side of the body. The instrument was adjusted so that its base rested on the first metacarpal and the handle rested

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Ashley A. Herda, Brianna D. McKay, Trent J. Herda, Pablo B. Costa, Jeffrey R. Stout and Joel T. Cramer

maximum (5RM) upper body and lower body strength tests with the bench press (BP) and leg press (LP) exercises, respectively. The BP exercise test was always performed before the LP exercise. The 5RM BP exercise was performed on a standard free-weight bench (TuffStuff, Pomona, CA) with either a steel 2.1-m

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Jill Whitall, Nadja Schott, Leah E. Robinson, Farid Bardid and Jane E. Clark

.1002/dev.420210504 Clarke , H.H. , & Degutis , E.W. ( 1964 ). Relationships between standing broad jump and various maturational, anthropometric and strength tests of 12-year-old boys . Research Quarterly, 35 ( 3 ), 258 – 264 . Clarke , H.H. , & Glines , D. ( 1962 ). Relationships of reaction

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Maria À. Cebrià i Iranzo, Mercè Balasch-Bernat, María Á. Tortosa-Chuliá and Sebastià Balasch-Parisi

for three consecutive trials with an at least 1-min resting period in between. Prior to strength testing, a 5-min warm-up for the upper and lower limbs on the Monark® Rehab Ergometer Trainer (Monark 881E; Monark Exercise, Vansbro, Sweden) was performed. Participants remained in a seated position with

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Xiaoyang Shi, Yan Wang, Xiuxiu Huang, Shangshang Gao, Qiaoqin Wan and Shaomei Shang

exercise-related activities, such as light housework, recreational activities, light gardening activity, and light sports activities. Moderate PA (≥3 METs) included activities, such as heavy housework, heavy gardening activity, calisthenics, and sports. Upper body strength was measured by a grip-strength