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Roger J. Paxton, Jeri E. Forster, Matthew J. Miller, Kristine L. Gerron, Jennifer E. Stevens-Lapsley and Cory L. Christiansen

, E. , & Moffet , H. ( 2002 ). Comparative responsiveness of locomotor tests and questionnaires used to follow early recovery after total knee arthroplasty . Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 83 ( 1 ), 70 – 80 . PubMeddoi:10.1053/apmr.2002.27337 10.1053/apmr.2002.27337 Parent

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Mathieu Lacome, Christopher Carling, Jean-Philippe Hager, Gerard Dine and Julien Piscione

Rugby union is considered one of the most intense and physically demanding field-sport games. In elite senior rugby union, a large body of literature exists describing the locomotor demands of match play. 1 – 6 Results in these studies demonstrate that the game is intermittent in nature frequently

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Marco J. Konings and Florentina J. Hettinga

intramuscular metabolic perturbation during whole body exercise in humans . J Physiol . 2016 ; 594 ( 18 ): 5303 – 5315 . doi:10.1113/JP272283 10.1113/JP272283 27241818 9. Amann M , Dempsey JA . Locomotor muscle fatigue modifies central motor drive in healthy humans and imposes a limitation to exercise

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Wouter Schallig, Tim Veneman, Dionne A. Noordhof, José A. Rodríguez-Marroyo, John P. Porcari, Jos J. de Koning and Carl Foster

strategy during exercise: a critical review . Br J Sports Med . 2009 ; 43 ( 6 ): 1 . PubMed doi:10.1136/bjsm.2009.057562 10.1136/bjsm.2009.057562 20. Marcora S . Counterpoint: afferent feedback from fatigued locomotor muscles is not an important determinant of endurance exercise performance . J Appl

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Competence (PMSC) (13 items-7 object control and 6 locomotor skills) in 2016 (T1) and 2017 (T2). A total of 125 Australian children (girls = 48, boys = 77), aged 8.3-10.5 years (Mage 9.4 at T2, SD=0.6) completed both assessments. Independent t-tests assessed sex differences. Intraclass correlations addressed

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Jerraco L. Johnson, Peter A. Hastie, Mary E. Rudisill and Danielle Wadsworth

& Isaacs, 2017 ). FMS are comprised of both locomotor (i.e., actions that move the body through space) and object control skills (i.e., require the use of hands and feet to manipulate objects ( Haywood & Getchell, 2020 ). Examples of these skills include running, jumping, throwing, and kicking. It is

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Chunbo Liu

potent stimulus for improving locomotor muscle function in a variety of populations. These include patients with Parkinson’s disease, cancer survivors, total knee arthroplasty patients, individuals with anterior cruciate ligament injuries, elderly individuals, young healthy individuals, and athletes. The

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Ufuk Ersoy, Umut Ziya Kocak, Ezgi Unuvar and Bayram Unver

-extremity, any locomotor system problems, or unwillingness to participate in the study was determined as the exclusion criteria. The mobility level of ankle was not taken into consideration. Participants were randomly divided into 2 groups as study and control following obtaining the informed consents. Block

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Brice Guignard, Annie Rouard, Didier Chollet, Marco Bonifazi, Dario Dalla Vedova, John Hart and Ludovic Seifert

.1249/00005768-198902000-00020 10.1249/00005768-198902000-00020 Hoffmann , C.P. , & Bardy , B.G. ( 2015 ). Dynamics of the locomotor-respiratory coupling at different frequencies . Experimental Brain Research, 233 ( 5 ), 1551 – 1561 . PubMed ID: 25796188 doi:10.1007/s00221-015-4229-5 10.1007/s00221-015-4229-5 Hoffmann

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Justin Goins

during prone hip extension in athletes with and without hamstring strain injury . Int J Sports Phys Ther . 2014 ; 9 : 312 – 319 . PubMed ID: 24944849 24944849 10. Sahrmann S . Posture and muscle imbalance . Physiotherapy . 1992 ; 78 : 13 – 20 . 11. Janda VL . Pain in the locomotor system