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Prasanna Sritharan, Luke G. Perraton, Mario A. Munoz, Peter Pivonka and Adam L. Bryant

this task to be highly reliable (ICC 3,3 : .76–.96). 27 For each participant, 40 retroreflective markers were placed on specific anatomical landmarks on the torso, pelvis, and both lower limbs using the protocol of Schache and Baker. 28 Prior to undertaking the single-leg hop trials, a static standing

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Neal R. Glaviano, Ashley N. Marshall, L. Colby Mangum, Joseph M. Hart, Jay Hertel, Shawn Russell and Susan Saliba

pelvis to complete the task. Patterned electrical neuromuscular stimulation has been previously found to improve GMed activation and decrease hip adduction during a lateral SDT in individuals with PFP following a single application. 27 , 28 There was also an immediate increase in the duration of

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Pablo A. Domene, Michelle Stanley and Glykeria Skamagki

), muscle or tendon (eg, rupture, strain, tear), nerve (eg, numbness, pins and needles), and other. The following 12 exclusive categories were used to code injury location 3 , 20 : ankle and foot, back and pelvis, chest, forearm and wrist, hand, head and neck, hip, knee, lower leg and Achilles tendon

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Amy Mauro and Blaine C. Long

, ensuring ROM measures were recorded from the same location on each day. In addition, we also used two 8-cm wide × 213-cm long ratchet strap belts with the slack removed to minimize accessory movement at the pelvis and nondominant leg during ROM measures (Figure  1 ). Figure 1 Placement of each strap at the

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Scott W. Cheatham, Kyle R. Stull and Morey J. Kolber

knee could no longer be passively moved without providing overpressure. 42 – 44 The ROM measurement was then taken by the examiner. The examiner monitored for any compensatory movement through the lower-extremity and pelvis. This testing technique was chosen as it replicated the same hip position and

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Jeffrey G. Williams, Lauryn Darnall and Conrad Schumann

, Lyman SL , Andrews JR . Relationship of pelvis and upper torso kinematics to pitched baseball velocity . J Appl Biomech . 2001 ; 17 ( 2 ): 164 – 172 . doi:10.1123/jab.17.2.164 10.1123/jab.17.2.164 7. Watkins RG , Dennis S , Dillin WH , et al . Dynamic EMG analysis of torque transfer in

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Kornelius Kraus, Elisabeth Kraus, Boris Gojanovic and Francois Fourchet

-reliable Kinovea software (version 0.8.15) (ICC = 0.99). 17 Tasks Two movement tasks were utilized in the study: an active and a passive SLR. The active and passive SLR evaluate the mobility of the dorsal kinetic chain while maintaining a stable pelvis, core, and active extension of the opposite leg 1 (Figure  1

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Siobhán O’Connor, Conor Bruce, Calvin Teahan, Elaine McDermott and Enda Whyte

.72–11.00)  Ribs and chest 0 0 (0–0) –  Upper back and thoracic spine 0 0 (0–0) –  Lower back 1 1.27 (1.24–1.29) 4.41 (2.84–6.83)  Pelvis 1 1.27 (1.24–1.29) 1.54 (0.74–3.24)  Buttock 1 1.27 (1.24–1.29) 1.98 (1.03–3.81) Lower limb 53 67.09 (66.89–67.29) 276.17 (261.30–291.90)  Hip 2 2.53 (2.49–2.57) 9.26 (6

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Landon Lempke, Rebecca Wilkinson, Caitlin Murray and Justin Stanek

repetitions of hamstring isometric contractions for 6 s followed by relaxation for 5 s), or (3) control group. All interventions were applied to the hamstrings once. Subjects were positioned supine on a treatment table with the nontested thigh and pelvis attached to the table with velcro. Active knee

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Hitoshi Koda, Yoshihiro Kai, Shin Murata, Hironori Osugi, Kunihiko Anami, Takahiko Fukumoto and Hidetaka Imagita

, 4 , 127 . PubMed ID: 21492469 doi:10.1186/1756-0500-4-127 10.1186/1756-0500-4-127 Menz , H.B. , Lord , S.R. , & Fitzpatrick , R.C. ( 2003 ). Acceleration patterns of the head and pelvis when walking on level and irregular surfaces . Gait & Posture, 18 ( 1 ), 35 – 46 . PubMed ID