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Katie Rodgers

children, gay and transgender individuals may still be fired from their jobs for their sexual and/or gender identity, and many queer people report substandard health care. Since 2013, at least sixteen U.S. states have considered “bathroom bills” that would restrict the rights of transgender people from

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Nicola Brown, Jacky Forsyth, Rachael Bullingham and Claire-Marie Roberts

to female-specific health issues, Professor Joanna Wakefield-Scurr drew attention to the issues exercising females can experience as a result of breast bounce, including breast pain, discomfort, and embarrassment. With one in four adult women, and half of adolescent girls reporting the breast as a

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Cheryl A. MacDonald

researcher bias and as a supplement to self-reporting. The content analysis involved examining 1484 posts (known as tweets, retweets, and likes), accumulated over the thirty days prior to the study. This timeframe was chosen in order to collect data prior to researcher intervention. 6 Each post was

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Bryan C. Clift

report by the Baltimore City Council Task Force for the Homeless ( 1983 ) concluded that a “patchwork quilt of resources” (p. 17) from the State to voluntary and religious organizations was necessary for addressing the issue. In this way, homelessness was conceived as an issue to be addressed beyond the

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Karen McCormack

( Downs, 2003 ; Huybers-Withers & Livingston, 2010 ). While reporting on a competitive downhill race in Virginia in the late 1990s, Poulson ( 2016 ) observed a culture that valued a hypermasculine ideal, often leading to overt condemnation of female racers. That ideal can travel beyond the race world

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Megan Apse, Roslyn Kerr and Kevin Moore

; Hutchins & Mikosza, 1998 ). Frequent media reports of player violence against women remains problematic ( Packard Hill & Fuller, 2018 ). Third, in addition to player behavior, unruly spectator behavior at children’s games is an issue. Some RL clubs have addressed this by banning alcohol on the sidelines

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Kenneth Sean Chaplin and Jeffrey Montez de Oca

interactionism, we analyzed and assessed the stances of our research participants based on how they account for the meanings they ascribe to the protests. Their understandings were clearly driven by reporting in the US media and discussions with peers, and processing those debates was modified through their

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George B. Cunningham, Na Young Ahn, Arden J. Anderson and Marlene A. Dixon

the intersections and at how they are routed through each other with no single cause” (p. 37). Cunningham ( 2019 ), for example, reported that White women constitute a 5 times larger share of the US population than do African American women. However, relative to African American women, White women are

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Rachel Allison

  1 reports pseudonyms for participants and limited demographic information. Participants’ age ranged from 24 to 39, with a mean age of 31. Forty-five percentage ( n  = 9) of participants were playing professionally at the time they were interviewed, whereas 55% ( n  = 11) were retired. I spoke to 17

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Earl Smith and Angela J. Hattery

and Influence Study, though Blacks are disproportionately represented among hip-hop listeners, 40% of all those who listen to hip-hop identify as White, and more Whites than Blacks report consuming hip-hop (Figure  1 ). Figure 1 —Race and age make-up of hip hop listeners compared to the US population