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Kelly Lynn Mulvey, Sally Taunton, Adam Pennell and Ali Brian

reduced stress, increased self-efficacy, and reduced loneliness or feelings of isolation ( Diamond & Ling, 2016 ). While the SKIP intervention centers on motor competence, it also fosters social interaction. Finally, children appeared to enjoy the intervention. Thus, future research should aim to detangle

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Matthew D. Curtner-Smith, Deborah. S. Baxter and Leah K. May

have a broader view of their role that involves delivering content and realizing affective objectives ( Gillespie, 2011 ). These affective objectives include cooperation, teamwork, participation, self-respect, respect for others, enjoyment, and social interaction in groups. The objectives are realized

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Bridget Ellen Philippa Bourke, Dane Francis Baker and Andrea Jane Braakhuis

athletes ( Lis et al., 2015 ; Malinauskas et al., 2007 ; Zuniga et al., 2017 ), there is a lack of evidence as to how athletes are utilizing social media platforms, what information they are obtaining through social interactions, and more specifically what nutrition activities they are engaging in. The

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Marcus Ngantcha, Eric Janssen, Emmanuelle Godeau, Virginie Ehlinger, Olivier Le-Nezet, François Beck and Stanislas Spilka

strongly gender dependent, with boys more involved into gaming, whereas girls are more committed to virtual social interactions with their peers. 42 , 43 Our results corroborate findings of previous research, which established relationships between long ST exposure and poor health conditions, including

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Jahan Heidari, Jürgen Beckmann, Maurizio Bertollo, Michel Brink, K. Wolfgang Kallus, Claudio Robazza and Michael Kellmann

social interaction via personal communication in combination with questionnaire data may provide more detailed insights into the recovery status of affected athletes. Social recovery monitoring offers the possibility to detect facets of fatigue and recovery that are not covered by current biological and

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Brian J. Foster and Graig M. Chow

, 11 , 133 – 159 . doi:10.1123/jsm.11.2.133 10.1123/jsm.11.2.133 DeFreese , J.D. , & Smith , A.L. ( 2014 ). Athlete social support, negative social interactions, and psychological health across a competitive sport season . Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 36 ( 6 ), 619 – 630 . PubMed

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Koren L. Fisher, Elizabeth L. Harrison, Brenda G. Bruner, Joshua A. Lawson, Bruce A. Reeder, Nigel L. Ashworth, M. Suzanne Sheppard and Karen E. Chad

functional and physical decline, maintain independence, and promote an increase in social interaction ( Fox, 1999 ). In addition, the management of chronic diseases often includes PA as a treatment intervention. A seniors’ housing setting offers a unique advantage over other community-based settings where

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Karen E. Collins, Catherine E. Overson and Victor A. Benassi

-delivery component of these courses might promote deep meaningful learning in applied social contexts of preservice coaching (see Prince, 2004 for a review of active learning in the classroom). One such method in which social interaction can be facilitated is the flipped classroom. Simply stated, a flipped

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Melinda Forthofer, Sara Wilcox, Deborah Kinnard, Brent Hutto and Patricia A. Sharpe

social cohesion and social interaction moderate built environment associations with walking? Paper presented at: Active Living Research Annual Meeting ; 2017 . St. Petersburg, FL . . Accessed

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Kent Upham, Brandon J. Auer, Christopher N. Sciamanna, Andrew J. Mowen, Joshua M. Smyth, David E. Conroy, Matthew Silvis, Jennifer L. Kraschnewski, Liza S. Rovniak, Erik Lehman, Kalen Kearcher, Maggie Vizzini and Louis Cesarone

typically played 2-on-2, rather than 1-on-1, which reduces effort and increases opportunities for meaningful social interactions. 20 We considered focusing on a single sport to be a limitation, given that this may promote activity habituation and a feeling of monotony over time, potentially limiting