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Neil Armstrong

childhood and adolescence are sparse—reflected by the observation that despite advertising an invited review, there were no original research submissions on pulmonary V ˙ O 2 kinetics in the Call for Papers for this Special Issue. Mel McNarry ( 35 ) focuses her invited review on pulmonary V ˙ O 2

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Amy Barrette and Katherine Harman

recovery as well as the possibility of long-term disability. 1 , 5 , 7 This risk-taking dominates sport in popular culture, advertising, and media coverage. Athletes are exposed to these expectations as they are initiated to sport, and it continues through to the subelite level when the stakes get

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Janine V. Olthuis, Margo C. Watt, Christopher E. J. DeWolfe, Emma Connell, Emily N. Wright and Laura Sevigny

center). The first recruited women from the community using posters in local community, education, and health centers, social media posts, and in-class announcements at a local university advertising a “learn to run for anxiety” study. At the second site, undergraduates completed the ASI-3 as part of a

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Cecilie Thøgersen-Ntoumani, Anthony Papathomas, Jonathan Foster, Eleanor Quested and Nikos Ntoumanis

she is forgetful Single Aged care facility Retired (waitress) None 13 Female 76 Forgets tasks Single Aged care facility Retired (advertising) Disco and jive as a young adult 14 Female 91 Cognitively impaired Single Aged care facility Retired (industrial work) Musical theater as a young adult 15 Male

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Megan Apse, Roslyn Kerr and Kevin Moore

.1177/053901847101000201 Gee , S. , & Jackson , S.J. ( 2012 ). Leisure corporations, beer brand culture, and the crisis of masculinity: The Speight’s ‘Southern Man’ advertising campaign . Leisure Studies, 31 ( 1 ), 83 – 102 . doi: 10.1080/02614367.2011.566625 Gillingham , P. , & Bromfield , L. ( 2008 ). Child

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Sarah Barnes

workers to put in more hours, often at an accelerated pace ( Brown, 2004 ; Kroll-Smith, 2008 ; Williams, 2011 ). The NBA and other high-performance sport settings bring ideas, practices, and values about the importance and possibility of “high-performance sleep” to new audiences. Glossy advertising

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Mark Norman, Katelyn Esmonde and Courtney Szto

content to attract readers and advertising revenue ( Daum & Scherer, 2018 ). For most of the time that we blogged, two of the most prominent sites in the hockey blogosphere were Puck Daddy, which was operated by the multinational Internet company Yahoo!, 5 and SB Nation ’s network of 34 hockey blogs

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Christine W. St. Laurent, Brittany Masteller and John Sirard

participated in a resistance-training program within the previous 6 months (as indicated on the screening form completed by parents). Participants were recruited through flyer distribution, youth athletic association and program communications, Facebook, and word-of-mouth advertising through 2 study locations

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Melvin Lewis, Kenon A. Brown, Samuel D. Hakim, Andrew C. Billings and Carla H. Blakey

, community, advertising/marketing, and public relations ( Lovejoy & Saxton, 2012 ; Westerman, Spence, & Van Der Heide, 2014 ) with the speed of community sharing as a common characteristic ( Reitz, 2012 ). In the realm of sport, a variety of information can be shared via social media, including game updates

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William C. Way, Ashley M. Coker-Cranney and Jack C. Watson II

were more informed about these opportunities.” Two participants suggested that advertising in this regard could take the form of “more inviting promotions and names of someone we could …talk to,” or perhaps “informational packets on different . . . services that can be provided.” Beyond awareness of