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Xiaofen D. Keating, Jingwen Liu, Xiaolu Liu, Jeff Colburn, Jianmin Guan and Ke Zhou

though there are no institutional review board requirements in China. An online survey link was sent to all students enrolled in PETE programs from six universities in China, and no personal identification information was collected. The required cover page template developed by the university of the

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Mitchell J. Henderson, Bryna C.R. Chrismas, Christopher J. Stevens, Aaron J. Coutts and Lee Taylor

coefficient model). Peak Tc for all 3 games was included in the model as a dependent variable (outcome), and minutes played and all external load (GPS) variables (all 3 games combined) were separately entered as fixed effects (predictors). Using a random intercept and slope design, player identification was

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Elizabeth J. Durden-Myers, Nigel R. Green and Margaret E. Whitehead

demands on physical competence in drawing from particular clusters of movement patterns. These movement forms are presented in Table  1 . Whitehead ( 2010 ) acknowledges that this identification of movement forms “in no way claims to be the definitive method of describing human movement” (p. 45), but

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Ye Hoon Lee, Hyungil Harry Kwon and K. Andrew R. Richards

generalizability ( Lambert & Miller, 2014 ), future studies may strive to identify methods to increase responses. This study also used the cross-sectional design, which precludes identification of causal relationships from the data. Furthermore, this study focused on emotional intelligence in explaining individual

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Júlio A. Costa, João Brito, Fábio Y. Nakamura, Eduardo M. Oliveira, Ovidio P. Costa and António N. Rebelo

J . Wake detection capacity of actigraphy during sleep . Sleep . 2007 ; 30 ( 10 ): 1362 – 1369 . PubMed ID: 17969470 doi:10.1093/sleep/30.10.1362 17969470 10.1093/sleep/30.10.1362 29. Sadeh A , Sharkey KM , Carskadon MA . Activity-based sleep–wake identification: an empirical test of

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Matthew A. Grant, Gordon A. Bloom and Jordan S. Lefebvre

results for the analysis. Comparing the researchers’ perspectives allowed for rich rigor and more accurate, deep analysis. Discussions from these meetings guided the final analysis resulting in identification of two overarching themes, each containing two themes. Judging Quality Within this study

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Ermis Kyriakides, Niki Tsangaridou, Charalambos Y. Charalambous and Leonidas Kyriakides

education programs have been criticized for overvaluing knowledge for teaching at the cost of teaching practices, the identification of a set of core teaching practices in PE could help better support preservice teachers in learning how to enact teaching practices skillfully in ways that support student

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Fleur E.C.A. van Rens, Rebecca A. Ashley and Andrea R. Steele

intercollegiate student athletes . The Sport Psychologist, 17 , 196 – 219 . doi:10.1123/tsp.17.2.196 10.1123/tsp.17.2.196 Osborne , J.W. , & Jones , B.D. ( 2011 ). Identification with academics and motivation to achieve in school: How the structure of the self influences academic outcomes . Educational

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Barrie Gordon and Sylvie Beaudoin

implementations, the authors have sought to identify programs where TPSR is influencing practice and supporting positive youth development in physical activity contexts. This identification of programs is again done with the understanding that the programs presented are examples of the diversity of TPSR and

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Cathal Óg O’Sullivan, Melissa Parker, Tom Comyns and Annmarie Ralph

sensitive learning period during elementary school often leads to future difficulties in attaining higher levels of motor skill proficiency ( Donnelly, Mueller, & Gallahue, 2016 ), with young people more willing to opt out of PA ( Graham, Holt/Hale, Parker, Hall, & Patton, 2020 ). The early identification