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James Hardy, Nikos Comoutos and Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis

development of effective interventions typically aimed at enhancing performance, and lately on the identification of mechanisms through which self-talk strategies influence performance; whereas the latter has assessed the content of athletes’ self-talk, its antecedents and functions, and to a lesser extent

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Carla Luguetti, Kimberly L. Oliver and Melissa Parker

and reread, and this led to the identification of key moments of insight, confusion, or uncertainty in her practices. The second step involved constant comparison, where data from the collaborative PST group meetings and PST individual and focus group interviews were mapped onto the existing data. The

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Nathan Hall, Brent Bradford, José da Costa and Daniel B. Robinson

issue is one that must include administrators at both the school and school board levels, which could play a major role in the identification of this barrier. That said, it is also important to note that some of the other commonly cited barriers (i.e., transportation, equipment) have financial

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Barrie Gordon and Sylvie Beaudoin

implementations, the authors have sought to identify programs where TPSR is influencing practice and supporting positive youth development in physical activity contexts. This identification of programs is again done with the understanding that the programs presented are examples of the diversity of TPSR and

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Mitchell J. Henderson, Bryna C.R. Chrismas, Christopher J. Stevens, Aaron J. Coutts and Lee Taylor

coefficient model). Peak Tc for all 3 games was included in the model as a dependent variable (outcome), and minutes played and all external load (GPS) variables (all 3 games combined) were separately entered as fixed effects (predictors). Using a random intercept and slope design, player identification was

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Louisa R. Peralta, Claire L. Marvell and Wayne G. Cotton

implementing genuinely inclusive practices including teaching of cultural traditions and the pertinent history of Aboriginal culture in all aspects, encouraging the students that are a part of [removed identification] mentoring to embrace and share their cultural identity and enduring values to further enrich

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Mike Stoker, Ian Maynard, Joanne Butt, Kate Hays and Paul Hughes

body of British Disability Shooting and conducted over a 7-month period. Regarding the identification and designing of consequences, meetings were held with the participants where they were asked to identify consequences that created pressure in training, competition, and social and professional

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Chelsee A. Shortt, Collin A. Webster, Richard J. Keegan, Cate A. Egan and Ali S. Brian

-ended responses were aggregated by survey questions with participants identifying information removed and replaced with an anonymous identification number. Participant responses in the first Delphi survey guided the item construction for the second Delphi survey (see Table  2 ). Delphi Survey II consisted of 30

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Eric M. Martin, Scott J. Moorcroft and Tyler G. Johnson

identification and differentiation of minor and major trauma related to sports participation. KINES 360 2 Psychology of Sport Coaching An examination of psychological aspects of the coaching profession including concepts focused on motivation, communication, stress and anxiety, and team dynamics and cohesion

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Margaret E. Whitehead, Elizabeth J. Durden-Myers and Niek Pot

physical literacy. There is significant potential in building on this support in respect of collaborative research, production of advocacy material, and identification of goals in the participant/practitioner interface. For example, research projects could be carried out between proponents of physical