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Nick Dobbin, Cari Thorpe, Jamie Highton and Craig Twist

SK . Sex differences in human fatigability: mechanism and insight to physiological responses . Acta Physiol . 2014 ; 210 ( 4 ): 768 – 789 . doi:10.1111/apha.12234 10.1111/apha.12234 11. Rinard J , Clarkson PM , Smith LL , Grossman M . Responses of male and females to high

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Alfred Nimmerichter, Bernhard Prinz, Matthias Gumpenberger, Sebastian Heider and Klaus Wirth

ventilation) homeostasis, 4 , 5 and the different physiological responses to exercise above versus below CP have been repeatedly demonstrated (for reviews see 6 , 7 ). To estimate CP and W′ , linear and nonlinear 2-parameter models have been used. Traditionally, the power–duration relationship is

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Davide Ferioli, Ermanno Rampinini, Andrea Bosio, Antonio La Torre and Nicola A. Maffiuletti

. The activity demands and physiological responses encountered during basketball match-play: a systematic review . Sports Med . 2018 ; 48 ( 1 ): 111 – 135 . PubMed ID: 29039018 doi:10.1007/s40279-017-0794-z 29039018 10.1007/s40279-017-0794-z 2. Ziv G , Lidor R . Physical attributes

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Aviv Emanuel, Isaac Isur Rozen Smukas and Israel Halperin

, repetition maximum), as well as subjects’ actual inability to complete a given repetition (ie, momentary failure). While numerous studies investigated the physiological responses resulting from lifting different loads, 1 – 3 a comprehensive investigation of the subjective responses is currently missing (but see

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Adam Jones, Chris Brogden, Richard Page, Ben Langley and Matt Greig

Sports Sci . 2008 ; 26 ( 2 ): 113 – 122 . PubMed ID: 17852688 doi: 10.1080/02640410701422076 17852688 3. Hughes M , Birdsey L , Meyers R , et al . Effects of playing surface on physiological responses and performance variables in a controlled football simulation . J Sports Sci . 2013

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Mark Elisabeth Theodorus Willems, Mehmet Akif Şahin and Matthew David Cook

), the concentration of EGCG from drinking Matcha green tea is at least three times the highest intake of EGCG compared with other green teas. Therefore, the aim of this study was to examine the effect of the consumption of Matcha on substrate oxidation, physiological responses, and perceived intensity

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Berkiye Kirmizigil, Jeffry Roy Chauchat, Omer Yalciner, Gozde Iyigun, Ender Angin and Gul Baltaci

-minute postexercise. Physical performance tests and DOMS induction were conducted at the same time of day (2:00 PM) to avoid fluctuations in physiological responses due to differences in circadian rhythm. They also were conducted indoors in the human performance laboratory of the university, which

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Mathieu Lacome, Ben Simpson, Nick Broad and Martin Buchheit

physiological responses (or more simply generic models of work efficiency, ie, output/cost relationships) may represent the first advances to assess training status from data collected routinely in elite players. The simplest way to assess players’ locomotor work efficiency is likely to use ratios between

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Victor Silveira Coswig, Bianca Miarka, Daniel Alvarez Pires, Levy Mendes da Silva, Charles Bartel and Fabrício Boscolo Del Vecchio

findings, which includes the fact that different technical–tactical actions and professional athletes may also elicit different physical demands and physiological responses for a specific action and/or combat phase ( Coswig et al., 2016a , 2016b ; James et al., 2016 ; Lindsay et al., 2017 ). Sport

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Matteo Bonato, Antonio La Torre, Marina Saresella, Ivana Marventano, Giampiero Merati, Giuseppe Banfi and Jacopo A. Vitale

heart rate (HR), rating of perceived exertion, and blood lactate concentration depend on the type of SSGs. Studies comparing acute physiological response with HIIT and SSGs showed that the exercise intensity during SSGs is similar to that in HIIT of similar duration. 7 – 9 In general, small-format SSGs