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Samuel T. Tebeck, Jonathan D. Buckley, Clint R. Bellenger and Jamie Stanley

unclear comparing dry with humid at 200 W (see Figure  3 ). An increase in EE and VO 2 coincided with a decrease in GE when comparing dry with humid (see Figure  3 ). Physiological Responses in Hot Conditions Within-condition differences in physiological responses to the HST are summarized in Table  2

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Berkiye Kirmizigil, Jeffry Roy Chauchat, Omer Yalciner, Gozde Iyigun, Ender Angin and Gul Baltaci

-minute postexercise. Physical performance tests and DOMS induction were conducted at the same time of day (2:00 PM) to avoid fluctuations in physiological responses due to differences in circadian rhythm. They also were conducted indoors in the human performance laboratory of the university, which

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Victor Silveira Coswig, Bianca Miarka, Daniel Alvarez Pires, Levy Mendes da Silva, Charles Bartel and Fabrício Boscolo Del Vecchio

findings, which includes the fact that different technical–tactical actions and professional athletes may also elicit different physical demands and physiological responses for a specific action and/or combat phase ( Coswig et al., 2016a , 2016b ; James et al., 2016 ; Lindsay et al., 2017 ). Sport

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Alfred Nimmerichter, Bernhard Prinz, Matthias Gumpenberger, Sebastian Heider and Klaus Wirth

ventilation) homeostasis, 4 , 5 and the different physiological responses to exercise above versus below CP have been repeatedly demonstrated (for reviews see 6 , 7 ). To estimate CP and W′ , linear and nonlinear 2-parameter models have been used. Traditionally, the power–duration relationship is

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Caoimhe Tiernan, Mark Lyons, Tom Comyns, Alan M. Nevill and Giles Warrington

in saliva, serum (blood), and urine. Salivary cortisol has been found to be a marker of physiological stress and may provide an understanding of physiological response from training and matches in team sports. 7 – 10 Saliva collection is noninvasive, time efficient, and easy to collect, indicating

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Susan Y. Kwiecien, Malachy P. McHugh, Stuart Goodall, Kirsty M. Hicks, Angus M. Hunter and Glyn Howatson

. PubMed ID: 27168768 doi:10.3892/etm.2016.3104 10.3892/etm.2016.3104 27168768 25. Stephens JM , Halson SL , Miller J , Slater GJ , Askew CD . Influence of body composition on physiological responses to post-exercise hydrotherapy . J Sports Sci . 2018 ; 36 : 1044 – 1053 . PubMed ID

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Tania Pereira, John Durocher and Jamie Burr

rides (total riding time, speed, and altitude) as well as the perceptual and physiological responses of riders (HR, VO 2 , RPE, and experience) were compared across testing locations using independent t tests. Paired t tests were used to determine if snowmobiling elicited significant fatigue in

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Anita M. Rivera-Brown and José R. Quiñones-González

.1007/bf02337183 10.1007/BF02337183 Avellini , B.A. , Shapiro , Y. , Pandolf , K.B. , Pimental , N.A. , & Goldman , R.F. ( 1980 ). Physiological responses of men and women to prolonged dry heat exposure . Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, 51 ( 10 ), 1081 – 1085 . PubMed ID

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Erin Calaine Inglis, Danilo Iannetta, Louis Passfield and Juan M. Murias

, accessibility, and time constraints. Thus, field-test protocols are popular among cyclists because they are easily conducted with minimal equipment. Given the practical nature of field tests, they do not entail direct measurement of the physiological responses normally used to confirm the level of exertion (eg

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James M. Rhodes, Barry S. Mason, Thomas A.W. Paulson and Victoria L. Goosey-Tolfrey

competition in elite wheelchair rugby players . Int J Sports Physiol Perform . 2016 ; 12 ( 6 ): 777 – 782 . PubMed doi:10.1123/ijspp.2016-0218 27834572 10.1123/ijspp.2016-0218 10. Rampinini E , Impellizzeri FM , Castagna C , et al . Factors influencing physiological responses to small-sided soccer