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Marja Kokkonen

participants’ race/ethnicity, given the currently increasing cultural diversity in Finland in general and increasing transnational migration of athletes. This study also neglected to examine the intersection of age, legally recognized gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation on the GSM participants

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Michelle Hamilton, Karen Meaney and Melissa Martinez

Testing (ACT), and Advanced Placement exams and college preparation coursework completion as well as high school completion and dropout rates. The concept of equity audits has also been adapted and utilized within the context of higher education (e.g., see “University of Missouri’s Diversity, Equity and

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Yuhei Inoue, Mikihiro Sato and Kevin Filo

sport service contexts, ranging from community youth sport programs to an international sport event, and adopt both hedonic and eudaimonic approaches to understanding the well-being outcomes of sport services. The diversity and breadth of the special issue articles is encouraging and points to the

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integrated marketing communications (IMC). The Asian Cup brings together 16 nations from the Asian region, with a wide range of different cultures. This diversity creates many challenges to the organizers of the event, particularly in terms of communication. Ambassadors can play a role in this, as they are

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Zachary W. Arth, Darrin J. Griffin and Andrew C. Billings

outside the United States. ( Lapchick, 2018 ), a record-tying percentage for the most in MLB history. Combining the national diversity of the players with the number of games people watch on television, the likelihood that viewers see players from other cultures is high. Considering the sheer number of

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Matthew Juravich, Steven Salaga and Kathy Babiak

hiring, firing, and managing of athletes and coaches. With respect to decision-making, we argue that GMs in this context will act as a function of the employment diversity of their individual backgrounds. Here, we adopt Henderson et al.’s ( 2006 ) fixed paradigm conceptualization of CEOs. As with CEOs in

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Daniel C. Funk

perception appears to be false, as each board’s membership appears to be relatively distinct indicating that a diversity of ideas would exist among reviewers. Figure 7 —Reviewers serving on multiple boards. A second perception is that the size of the editorial board changes slowly. This perception deals with

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Dana K. Voelker and Justine J. Reel

skating, as John stated: “There’s not really an ideal height or weight. It’s just good proportions.” Adam noted that even at high levels, “Probably no one has the ideal body.” These results demonstrate some diversity and flexibility of views on the ideal skating body for a variety of skating disciplines

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Eddie T.C. Lam

. In the last chapter, the authors introduce the three elements (volunteer role identity, intergenerational diversity, and contemporary leadership) that contribute to board dynamics in nonprofit sport organizations and their interrelationships. There is only one chapter in Part VII, “Reflections.” The

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Alejandra Jáuregui, Selene Pacheco-Miranda, Armando García-Olvera and Emanuel Orozco-Núñez

coordinator for the revision process. The TWG The Steering Committee considered that the TWG should include representatives from all regions of the country, namely, the northern, central, and southern regions, to best represent the diversity in Mexico. Based on an initial list prepared by UNESCO headquarters