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Jennifer Brunet, Eva Guérin and Nicolas Speranzini

changes in physiological responses ( American College of Sports Medicine, 2013 ). A wireless Polar RS300X heart rate monitor (Polar Electro Oy, Kempele, Finland) was used to assess participants’ heart rate during the Naughton treadmill protocol to ensure they achieved at least a moderate intensity. Upon

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Diana Keyhani, Bakhtyar Tartibian, Arezou Dabiri and Ana Maria Botelho Teixeira

. However, these biomarkers probably represent a part of the physiological response to MIACT exercise. The mechanisms by which exercise training (HIIT and MIACT) attenuates GAL-3 gene expression are still not fully understood. To our knowledge, several probable mechanisms could explain the role of HIIT and

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Margaret C. Morrissey, Michael R. Szymanski, Andrew J. Grundstein and Douglas J. Casa

is to elicit sufficient thermal loads to improve physiological responses during exercise-induced heat stress (especially in hot and/or humid environments). HA has been shown to increase sweat rate, increase sweating threshold (begin sweating at a lower internal temperature), decrease sweat sodium and

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Susana Cristina Araújo Póvoas, Peter Krustrup, Carlo Castagna, Pedro Miguel Ribeiro da Silva, Manuel J. Coelho-e-Silva, Rita Liliana Mendes Pereira and Malte Nejst Larsen

. Lancet . 2012 ; 380 ( 9838 ): 294 – 305 . PubMed ID: 22818941 doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(12)60898-8 10.1016/S0140-6736(12)60898-8 22818941 38. Krustrup P , Mohr M , Amstrup T , et al . The Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test: physiological response, reliability, and validity . Med Sci Sports Exerc

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Philippe Richard and François Billaut

chronic RIPC represents a more effective training stress with regard to chronic adaptations and acute physiological response in elite speed skaters. Moreover, RIPC may be relevant in a short-track speed skating setting considering the greater ischemic stress observed in that sport compared with long

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Kate M. Sansum, Max E. Weston, Bert Bond, Emma J. Cockcroft, Amy O’Connor, Owen W. Tomlinson, Craig A. Williams and Alan R. Barker

value = true negatives / ( true negatives + false negatives ) . Results Table  1 presents the participants’ characteristics and physiological responses to the incremental and supramaximal tests by sex and body mass status. The males had a greater ramp test TTE ( P  < .001), ramp and supramaximal test

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Greg Doncaster, John Iga and Viswanath Unnithan

distort or skew the underlying physiological response. Errant breaths were defined as a breath that was different to the mean of the surrounding 4 breaths by more than 4 times the standard deviation of the same surrounding 4 data points ( 22 ). Both datasets from each stage (unloaded to moderate and

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Peter Peeling, Martyn J. Binnie, Paul S.R. Goods, Marc Sim and Louise M. Burke

of potassium phosphate supplementation on perceptual and physiological responses to maximal graded exercise . International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, 11 ( 1 ), 53 – 62 . PubMed doi:10.1123/ijsnem.11.1.53 10.1123/ijsnem.11.1.53 Greenhaff , P.L. , Casey , A. , Short

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Jennifer K. Sansom and Beverly D. Ulrich

–95th percentile) [Data table of stature-for-age charts]. Retrieved from Church , T.S. , Earnest , C.P. , & Morss , G.M. ( 2002 ). Field testing of physiological responses associated with nordic walking . Research Quarterly for

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Dereck L. Salisbury and Fang Yu

.physio.2010.12.004 Bonzheim , S.C. , Franklin , B.A. , DeWitt , C. , Marks , C. , Goslin , B. , Jarski , R. , & Dann , S. ( 1992 ). Physiologic responses to recumbent versus upright cycle ergometry, and implications for exercise prescription in patients with coronary artery disease . American