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Dereck L. Salisbury and Fang Yu

.physio.2010.12.004 Bonzheim , S.C. , Franklin , B.A. , DeWitt , C. , Marks , C. , Goslin , B. , Jarski , R. , & Dann , S. ( 1992 ). Physiologic responses to recumbent versus upright cycle ergometry, and implications for exercise prescription in patients with coronary artery disease . American

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Jennifer K. Sansom and Beverly D. Ulrich

–95th percentile) [Data table of stature-for-age charts]. Retrieved from Church , T.S. , Earnest , C.P. , & Morss , G.M. ( 2002 ). Field testing of physiological responses associated with nordic walking . Research Quarterly for

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Michael J. Ormsbee, Brandon D. Willingham, Tasha Marchant, Teresa L. Binkley, Bonny L. Specker and Matthew D. Vukovich

<1.3 g·kg −1 ·day −1 ( Cermak et al., 2012 ; Morton et al., 2017 ). When individuals who are unaccustomed to resistance exercise begin a new training program, the influence of protein supplementation may augment their physiological responses, especially over the short term ( Gontzea et al., 1975

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Bareket Falk, Panagiota Klentrou, Neil Armstrong, Thomas Rowland and Han C.G. Kemper

insight on the effect of age on the cardiorespiratory and metabolic response to exercise. However, the major impetus to the study of children’s physiological responses to exercise was in the 1950s and 1960s and focused on the physical exercise capacity of healthy children (eg, 29 , 85 ). The inspiration

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Bianca Miarka, Katarzyna Sterkowicz-Przybycien and David H. Fukuda

-Przybycien & Franchini, 2013 ), and strength relative to body mass and physiological responses ( Sterkowicz-Przybycie? & Fukuda, 2014 ). Approach Frequency Sex-based differences in T-T actions during the approach phase, with the greater use of right foot forward stances in female athletes, but greater gripping attempts

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Guillaume P. Ducrocq, Thomas J. Hureau, Olivier Meste and Grégory M. Blain

every minute during exercise using the Borg’s modified CR10 scale. 30 Processing of the Gas Exchange Data During exercise, breath-by-breath data were disrupted by occasional errant breaths (eg , swallows, coughs, sighs), which were not considered as part of the underlying physiological response to

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Ray M. Merrill

on physical activity is illustrated in a cohort study of 372 children in the United States, where extreme hot or cold air temperature was associated with less physical activity. 11 This may be because physiological responses and endurance exercise capacity are impaired by extreme temperatures. 12 A

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David N. Borg, Ian B. Stewart, John O. Osborne, Christopher Drovandi, Joseph T. Costello, Jamie Stanley and Geoffrey M. Minett

While the physiological responses to heat-based training have been widely considered, 1 , 3 perceived responses, like the session rating of perceived exertion (session-RPE), have received limited attention. 1 Moreover, the effects of cold- and hot-water recoveries on TL during exertional heat stress

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Jonathan P. Norris, Jamie Highton and Craig Twist

load of competitive matches. Therefore, the aims of this study were to: (1) confirm the reliability of these measurements in the context of relevant analytical goals and (2) compare the locomotive and physiological responses to modified physical contact during the rugby league movement simulation

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Charlie Bowen, Kristian Weaver, Nicola Relph and Matt Greig

. 2010 ; 28 ( 2 ): 171 – 182 . PubMed ID: 20391091 doi:10.1080/02640410903428525 20391091 10.1080/02640410903428525 13. Aguiar MV , Botelho GM , Gonçalves BS , Sampaio JE . Physiological responses and activity profiles of football small-sided games . J Strength Cond Res . 2013 ; 27 ( 5