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Phillip Post and Rebecca Palacios

Approximately three quarters of the children between 6 and 17 years of age are not meeting the recommended physical activity requirements of 60 min of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) per day ( Child & Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative, 2016 ). These low physical activity rates

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Thomas L. McKenzie

The importance of physical activity to the growth and development of children and adolescents is clear ( 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee ), and schools have been identified as key venues to increase physical activity in both global ( World Health Organization, 2018 ) and U

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Jessica L. Chandler, Keith Brazendale, Clemens Drenowatz, Justin B. Moore, Xuemei Sui, Robert G. Weaver and Michael W. Beets

attending summer day camps, annually. 2 – 4 Because of their extensive reach and allocation of time for physical activity (PA) opportunities (eg, recess, physical education, outdoor free time), these settings have been the primary settings where interventions to increase PA are delivered. One of the

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Brigid M. Lynch, Suzanne C. Dixon-Suen, Andrea Ramirez Varela, Yi Yang, Dallas R. English, Ding Ding, Paul A. Gardiner and Terry Boyle

Observational studies have consistently demonstrated that physical activity is inversely associated with chronic disease and premature mortality. The causal nature of these associations is not always clear, and evidence from randomized controlled trials (RCTs), widely held as the “gold standard

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Lindsey M. Russo, Megan W. Harvey, Penelope Pekow and Lisa Chasan-Taber

gestational age infants have been associated with an increased risk of cesarean delivery. 8 Because physical activity during pregnancy reduces risk of these adverse maternal outcomes, 9 it thereby may be associated with a decreased risk for cesarean delivery. In addition, physical activity has a positive

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Rebecca Reynolds, Santhya and David Menzies

from representative agencies come together to plan, coordinate, and advocate change. 3 Physical activity alliances are important aspects of physical activity public health, 4 but there are not many in existence globally. One ongoing example is the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity in

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Rebekah Lynn, Rebekah Pfitzer, Rebecca R. Rogers, Christopher G. Ballmann, Tyler D. Williams and Mallory R. Marshall

Research shows that adults can reach recommended daily physical activity goals by attaining 10,000 steps per day ( Chow, Thom, Wewege, Ward, & Parmenter, 2017 ; Tudor-Locke & Lutes, 2009 ), and adults in the United States report walking as the number one non-occupational physical activity ( Watson

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Catrine Tudor-Locke and Elroy J. Aguiar

Ambulation (stepping) is an essential component of many activities of daily living (e.g., household chores, active transport), with walking being the most commonly reported physical activity choice across the globe ( Hulteen et al., 2017 ). As such, step counting has become a standard measurement

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Stephanie Mazzucca, Derek Hales, Kelly R. Evenson, Alice Ammerman, Deborah F. Tate, Diane C. Berry and Dianne S. Ward

Regular participation in physical activity and reducing sedentary time are important for young children’s short- and long-term health and development, including cardiovascular health, 1 – 4 aerobic fitness, 5 healthy weight development, 2 , 5 – 8 gross motor skills, 9 – 12 and bone health. 13

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Katrina L. Piercy, Frances Bevington, Alison Vaux-Bjerke, Sandra Williams Hilfiker, Sean Arayasirikul and Elizabeth Y. Barnett

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (the guidelines) outlines recommendations for the amount and types of physical activity necessary for good health based on the current scientific evidence. It includes specific physical activity dosages for youth and adults and additional