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Wing-Kai Lam, Winson Chiu-Chun Lee, Wei Min Lee, Christina Zong-Hao Ma and Pui Wah Kong

procedures might have caused structural damage to their shoe prototypes and thereby influenced jump performance. The differences in findings could further reflect the importance of locations of plates. The other plausible explanations would be related to the participants’ characteristics (anthropometry

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Bailey Peck, Timothy Renzi, Hannah Peach, Jane Gaultney and Joseph S. Marino

fat density. Visceral fat was obtained using the core scan function. Anthropometry Height and weight were measured barefoot with participants wearing only underwear, to the nearest 0.1 cm and 0.1 kg using a mechanical balance with altimeter. Body mass index (BMI) was computed from the data as weight

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Chadwick Debison-Larabie, Bernadette A. Murphy and Michael W.R. Holmes

between sex during the baseline or anticipatory time periods (Figure  5C ). Discussion This study investigated sex differences in head anthropometry, head acceleration, neck muscle onset times, and neck muscle activity for competitive ice hockey players in response to a sudden external force application

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Yuji Matsuda, Yoshihisa Sakurai, Keita Akashi and Yasuyuki Kubo

of stroke phases. In this study, many underwater and overland cameras were used to measure the CoM velocity. For a practical setting, the both-hips with simulated arm velocity correction method is simpler. The length of the upper arm, forearm, and hand can be obtained by easy anthropometry. Although

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R. Tyler Richardson, Elizabeth A. Rapp, R. Garry Quinton, Kristen F. Nicholson, Brian A. Knarr, Stephanie A. Russo, Jill S. Higginson and James G. Richards

properties is based on the anthropometry of a 50th percentile male. 16 The model includes 15 degrees of freedom that define the kinematics of the shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand. 4 All model joint kinematic conventions follow recommendations by the ISB. 15 Two versions of the model

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Aaron Derouin and Jim R. Potvin

, surface EMG, and a musculoskeletal model. Figure 1 —Data processing flowchart to calculate relative and total JRS from video, anthropometric, force plate, and muscle coordinate data. EMG indicates electromyography; JRS, joint rotational stiffness. Digitized participant anthropometry and their calculated

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Jerónimo Aragón-Vela, Yaira Barranco-Ruiz, Cristina Casals-Vázquez, Julio Plaza-Díaz, Rafael A. Casuso, Luis Fontana and Jesús F. Rodríguez Huertas

testing were required to evaluate the subjects (Tuesdays and Thursdays over two consecutive weeks). Anthropometry Before performing the MIST, all subjects underwent an anthropometric study by skinfold thickness assessment. Body mass index was calculated as weight (kg)/height (m 2 ). Fat mass and muscle

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Shelby A. Peel, Lauren E. Schroeder, Zachary A. Sievert and Joshua T. Weinhandl

Eng . 1950 ; 72 : 27 – 36 . 31. Dempster WT , Gabel WC , Felts WJ . The anthropometry of the manual work space for the seated subject . Am J Phys Anthropol . 1959 ; 17 : 289 – 317 . PubMed ID: 13815872 doi:10.1002/ajpa.1330170405 10.1002/ajpa.1330170405 13815872 32. Hopkins WG

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Francesco Campa, Federico Spiga and Stefania Toselli

Functional Movement Screen score in adolescent soccer players . J Sci Med Sport . 2016 ; 19 : 854 – 858 . PubMed ID: 27138939 doi:10.1016/j.jsams.2015.12.001 10.1016/j.jsams.2015.12.001 27138939 18. Toselli S , Campa F . Anthropometry and functional movement patterns in elite male volleyball players

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Jonathan S. Goodwin, Robert A. Creighton, Brian G. Pietrosimone, Jeffery T. Spang and J. Troy Blackburn

hip center location prediction methods . J Biomech . 1990 ; 23 ( 6 ): 617 – 621 . PubMed ID: 2341423 doi:10.1016/0021-9290(90)90054-7 10.1016/0021-9290(90)90054-7 2341423 20. Dempster WT , Gabel WC , Felts WJ . The anthropometry of the manual work space for the seated subject . Am J Phys