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Debra J. Rose

population and identify future research priorities, Copeland shared the outcomes of a panel of international experts that was assembled in 2017 to formulate a consensus statement based on what is currently known about sedentary behavior in older men and women. While the primary conclusion by the panel was

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Hebe Schaillée, Ramón Spaaij, Ruth Jeanes and Marc Theeboom

knowledge translation to include the context-specific practical knowledge that underpins practice as well as the tacit knowledge that is built and shared among practitioners ( Greenhalgh & Wieringa, 2011 ). In knowledge translation practices, knowledge is assembled at this interface between academic and

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Melinda A. Solmon and Stephen Silverman

editor of the Academy Papers 2017 ( Ennis, 2017a ), Cathy selected a forward-looking theme, Frontiers in Kinesiology, and assembled a stellar group of scholars to address cutting-edge topics ranging in subdisciplines from philosophy to neuroscience and everything in between. Consistent with her

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Robert Kennedy

fans and supporters. The editors of the book, Marcus Callies and Magnus Levin, have assembled a fascinating collection of work addressing an intersection of language and context that is of itself a growing area of interest for linguists. The contributions—which consist of 11 chapters written by a total

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Roger Russell

simple. Crossing the legs and holding the hands and arms in a fixed position constrains the DOFs of the hip and shoulder joints. Twisting movement patterns of the trunk and head are assembled and reassembled in a way that, with attention, makes it possible to move each vertebra and the ribs and sternum

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Edson Filho

in juggling. Juggler 3 (J3) was 29 years old and had 7 years of experience in juggling. To perform the interactive task described below, the jugglers were assembled into three different dyadic teams (i.e., J1–J2, J1–J3, J2–J3). Noteworthy, dyadic juggling has been used as a platform to study shared

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Derek T. Smith, Tannah Broman, Marcus Rucker, Cecile Sende and Sarah Banner

efficient advising in kinesiology that aspires to Winston’s goal, the American Kinesiology Association convened a preworkshop session in 2019 titled “Advising in Kinesiology: Challenges and Opportunities.” This session assembled academic advisors in kinesiology across all faculty and staff ranks

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R. Dale Sheptak Jr. and Brian E. Menaker

) to assemble a “portfolio of jobs” that offer little to no long-term economic security. The modern colloquialism for this type of worker would be “gig workers” ( Kessler, 2018 ). Kessler broadly describes gig workers as those who work without any guarantee of steady hours or benefits. This phenomenon

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Fei Gao, Bob Heere, Samuel Y. Todd and Brian Mihalik

IORs affect social leverage within mega events remains unknown. Understanding IORs in Sport Through Organizational Theory Sport events are broadly recognized as a social platform to assemble stakeholders to conduct social leverage ( Schulenkorf et al., 2011 ), and partnerships in sport have been widely

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Darla M. Castelli and Ang Chen

developing procedures at the onset of the project. Irrespective of the complexities of identifying and assembling a scientific team and carrying out new methodologies, the benefits far outweigh the potential limitations. The team-science train has already left the station and we need to find a way to jump on