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Jörg Vianden and Elizabeth A. Gregg

American men and other racially minoritized individuals are greatly underrepresented and not integrated successfully at all levels of athletic administration ( Bower & Hums, 2013 ; Walker & Sartore-Baldwin, 2013 ). Aware of the need to diversify, the NFL has enacted initiatives to increase the percentages

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Jessica Barrett, Alicia Pike and Stephanie Mazerolle

-athletes and coaches were often harmonious, female athletic trainers working with male sports teams still experience sexism related to the culture in the workplace and face a “double standard” from the time they are students through their professional careers. Women and all members of athletic administration

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Carrie S. Baker and Gary B. Wilkerson

expertise of other health care professionals within the health care system. 4 Limitation of an athletic program’s influence on medical decisions may lead to increased unity of the medical team. 1 This model provides a structure of transparency that is not influenced by coach or other athletic

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Andy Gillham, Michael Doscher, Jim Krumpos, Michelle Martin Diltz, Nate Moe, Shepard Allen and Reese Bridgeman

of athletic administration (AD) before you make that kind of statement. After I was hired we had no problems with our relationship. Again, I think most of these issues come down to trust. Q: How do ADs get involved in disagreements between SCC and sport coaches? I try to handle any situation that

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Kirstin Hallmann, Anita Zehrer, Sheranne Fairley and Lea Rossi

, 19 ( 1 ), 99 – 118 . doi: 10.1300/J054v19n01_05 Burton , L.J. , Barr , C.A. , Fink , J.S. , & Bruening , J.E. ( 2009 ). “Think athletic director, think masculine?”: Examination of the gender typing of managerial subroles within athletic administration positions . Sex Roles, 61 ( 5

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Amy Baker, Mary A. Hums, Yoseph Mamo and Damon P.S. Andrew

, M.A. , & Chelladurai , P. ( 1999 ). A mentoring model for management in sport and physical education . Quest, 51 ( 1 ), 24 – 38 . doi:10.1080/00336297.1999.10491666 10.1080/00336297.1999.10491666 Weaver , M.A. , & Chelladurai , P. ( 2002 ). Mentoring in intercollegiate athletic

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Laura J. Burton, Jon Welty Peachey and Janelle E. Wells

athletic director (65), assistant athletic director (30), director (19), assistant director (17), staff (32), graduate assistant (3), and two participants who did not list a position. The majority of the sample had between 1 and 10 years (74%) of experience working in athletic administration, with 40

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Victoria McGee and J.D. DeFreese

AEQ has exhibited acceptable validity and internal consistency reliability in athlete populations ( Lonsdale et al., 2007 ). Internal consistency reliability values for the current study ranged from .95 to .98 for AEQ subscales across all study time points. Procedure Following athletic administration

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Mey A. van Munster, Laureen J. Lieberman and Michelle A. Grenier

involving SWDs during undergraduate studies. Four of the PE teachers had master’s degrees: two in the area of APE (Lily and James), one in health education (Kathy), and one in athletic administration (Emily). The characteristics of each SWD (gender, age, grade, and type of disability) are presented in Table

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Elizabeth A. Taylor, Allison B. Smith, Cheryl R. Rode and Robin Hardin

century, and it took the passage of Title IX in 1972 to ensure girls and women had equal access to sport opportunities ( Crowley, 2006 ). Girls and women now comprise more than 40% of all participants in scholastic and collegiate sports, which has led to more women pursuing careers in athletic