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Sebastián Feu, Javier García-Rubio, Antonio Antúnez and Sergio Ibáñez

diving, fencing, speleology, equestrianism, judo, canoeing, life saving, and rescue and sailing. The majority of sports are regulated by the transitory provision, except a few that have still not adapted their regulations to the transitory provision established in Royal Decree 1383/2007. Table  7

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Kate Hovey, Diana Niland and John T. Foley

learning of skills and gave students opportunities to engage in group dynamic skills included: canoeing, map and compass, and other skill instruction; a day trip to a local mountain; camping instruction by setting up a mock camp site, which included cooking a meal and completing various camp chores

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Patricia Gaion, Michel Milistetd, Fernando Santos, Andressa Contreira, Luciane Arantes and Nayara Caruzzo

) showed that, of 30 Olympic sports, sports federations only offered 12 certification programs regularly: track and field, badminton, canoeing, soccer, wrestling, rugby, diving, tennis, table tennis, triathlon, volleyball, and beach volleyball. Each sport federation has different levels of coaching that

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Øyvind Skattebo and Thomas Losnegard

to race. Similar within-athlete variability is in contradiction to other sports such as cross-country skiing, 8 cycling, 4 slalom canoe, and kayaking, 17 where larger variability is found for women than men, but is similar to rowing 3 and speed skating. 5 Previously, it has been shown that

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Sergio Lara-Bercial, A.J. Rankin-Wright, Jason Tee, Fieke Rongen, Tom Mitchell, Mike Ashford, David Piggott and Kevin Till

to pictorially represent their coaching process in the form of models. Six expert canoe and kayak coaches (i.e. they had >20 years experience and held the highest national qualification for >10 years), produced a model of their coaching process and were then interviewed to elicit explanations of the

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Doug Cooper and Justine Allen

expertise in a different adventure sport (winter mountaineering, off-piste ski touring, white-water kayaking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and canoeing). The criteria for expertise were similar to those employed by researchers in adventure sports coaching ( Collins & Collins, 2016 ; Cooper & Allen, 2018

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Michelle Hayes, Kevin Filo, Caroline Riot and Andrea Geurin

.55 Event  Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 1 1.89  Archery World Championships 1 1.89  Asian Indoor Martial Arts Games 5 9.43  Athletics World Championships 10 18.87  Aquatic (FINA) World Championships 3 5.66  Beach Volleyball World Championships 2 3.77  Canoe Sprint World Championships 1 1

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Christopher P. Tomczyk, George Shaver and Tamerah N. Hunt

white (53%). The average age was 18 y, and all participants were chosen based on whether they completed the baseline PAI and CRI. Participants consisted of 70 male college-aged athletes participating in judo, canoe/kayak, swimming, and tennis. The average age was 20.3 y (SD = 0.95). Individual

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Jay Johnson, Michelle D. Guerrero, Margery Holman, Jessica W. Chin and Mary Anne Signer-Kroeker

intervention strategies. Table 2 Percentage of Participants Who Participated in Hazing Prevention and Intervention Strategies Members of the group participate in community service 60.23 Members of the group participate in challenging activities together (rope courses, canoe trip) 38.62 Members of the group go

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Samuel Lins, Cynthia F. Melo, Sara G. Alves and Rúben L. Silva

, visual, intellectual and auditory deficiencies), athletes of 17 different sports: swimming ( N  = 34), athletics ( N  = 25), basketball ( N  = 13), soccer ( N  = 9), rugby ( N  = 9), weightlifting ( N  = 9), volleyball ( N  = 8), canoeing ( N  = 7), archery ( N  = 7), tennis ( N  = 7), cycling ( N  = 6