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Hans Erik Næss

FIA’s values to be used for social improvement rather than just for making a stand, because of the ramification effect the Formula 1 circus may generate through the FOG’s media apparatus. In David Rowe’s view: “structures and practices of mediation are inescapably insinuated within sport’s socio

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Roger Gilles

was traveling in upstate New York as a “cycle whirl” performer with a circus in 1902. In late May she suffered internal injuries while performing and died June 6 in Salamanca. 67 Ironically, the last of the women’s races was postponed that very day in Glens Falls because of rain, and it was never

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Colleen English

, 21. 6. Lou E. Marsh, “Jean Thompson Loses but Beats World Mark with Fanny Rosenfeld,” Toronto Star , August 2, 1928, 1. 7. “The Olympic Games,” The Times , August 3, 1928, 6. 8. “Amsterdam Like a Gigantic Circus, Including Clowns,” Montreal Daily Star , August 3, 1928, 1. 9. “The Olympic Games

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Robert J. Lake

guests and debenture holders, these days typically have a circus-like atmosphere. 14. As Lake ( 2017a ) recently highlighted, this sense of Englishness obscures what is purportedly British—namely, the LTA itself, not to mention the wholesale support of Scotsman Andy Murray—alongside presenting

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Jesse Couture

Clown. Pukie looks much like a stereotypical clown might; he is bright and colourful with wild orange hair and a big red nose—he is a clear nod to the traditional circus clown. What sets him apart, however (other than his decidedly unoriginal name), is the way he is most commonly represented. A quick

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Joshua I. Newman

. Fry , J. , & Bloyce , D. ( 2017 ). ‘Life in the travelling circus’: A study of loneliness, work stress, and money issues in touring professional golf . Sociology of Sport Journal, 34 ( 2 ), 148 – 159 . doi:10.1123/ssj.2017-0002 Fullagar , S. ( 2017 ). Post-qualitative inquiry and the new

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Brian Wilson and Nicolien VanLuijk

.  61 – 77 ). Oxford, UK : Wiley-Blackwell . 10.1002/9781118325261.ch3 Shaw , C.A. ( 2008 ). Five ring circus: Myths and realities of the Olympic games . Gabriola Island : New Society Publishers . Shaw , I.S. , Lynch , J. , & Hackett , R.A. (Eds.). ( 2011 ). Expanding peace journalism

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school environment include standing easels/desks, timers, access to novel sport/circus equipment in the classroom, and playground line markings. Adaptations to the training and material delivery have been made based on extensive piloting. Real-world implementation and effectiveness of the Transform