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Gary Allen, Kristy Smith, Brady Tripp, Jason Zaremski and Seth Smith

months after surgery, he underwent a myocardial perfusion stress test. Results revealed no evidence of ischemic coronary artery disease at rest or with exertion. The patient did not return to competitive sport as he graduated from high school, but was cleared for full return to other exertional

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Grant E. Norte, Katherine R. Knaus, Chris Kuenze, Geoffrey G. Handsfield, Craig H. Meyer, Silvia S. Blemker and Joseph M. Hart

activity and 55% to competitive sport. 5 To maximize the potential for success following ACL-R, sensitive patient-specific assessment tools are needed to identify early impairments and guide targeted treatment approaches. Postoperative rehabilitation is an integral aspect of therapeutic management and may

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Ian J. Dempsey, Grant E. Norte, Matthew Hall, John Goetschius, Lindsay V. Slater, Jourdan M. Cancienne, Brian C. Werner, David R. Diduch and Joseph M. Hart

reconstruction . Br J Sports Med . 2014 ; 48 ( 22 ): 1613 – 1619 . PubMed ID: 25293342 doi:10.1136/bjsports-2014-093842 10.1136/bjsports-2014-093842 25293342 11. Ardern CL , Taylor NF , Feller JA , Webster KE . Fifty-five per cent return to competitive sport following anterior cruciate ligament

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Xavier D. Thompson and Brianna DiAntonio

There are approximately 200,000 annual occurrences of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in the United States. 1 , 2 Among athletes only, 44% returned to competitive sport postinjury 3 and, among youth athletes, the rate of subsequent ACL injury was 32% following reconstruction (ACL-R). 4

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Johanna M. Hoch, Megan N. Houston, Shelby E. Baez and Matthew C. Hoch

, Feller JA , Webster KE . Fifty-five per cent return to competitive sport following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis including aspects of physical functioning and contextual factors . Br J Sports Med . 2014 ; 48 ( 21 ): 1543 – 1552

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Emma Hoffman, Abrianna D’Onofrio, Shelby Baez and Julie Cavallario

ligament (ACL) injury, 9 anterior knee pain, 10 low back pain (LBP), 11 and other musculoskeletal injuries. 1 Kinesiophobia can be debilitating to the highly active population whose physical impairment, while physiologically healed, may still hinder a patient’s return to competitive sport or preinjury

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Anna Bjerkefors, Johanna S. Rosén, Olga Tarassova and Anton Arndt

to an increase in pelvis and trunk rotation and a higher power output. 1 Kayaking performed by people with physical impairment is called para-kayak and was introduced as an international competitive sport in 2009 and debuted in the Paralympic Games in 2016. In Paralympic sports, athletes compete in

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Jill Alexander and David Rhodes

further enquiry into the immediate and latent effects of common cryotherapeutic applications used pitch side in sport with varied dosage applications on muscle strength. To mimic closely common applications of cold-applied pitch side or at half-time during competitive sport, duration of wetted ice

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Ui-Jae Hwang, Sung-Hoon Jung, Hyun-A Kim, Jun-Hee Kim and Oh-Yun Kwon

December 20, 2017]. J Strength Cond Res . PubMed ID: 29278576 doi: 10.1519/JSC.0000000000002393 29278576 8. Maffiuletti NA . The use of electrostimulation exercise in competitive sport . Int J Sports Physiol Perform . 2006 ; 1 ( 4 ): 406 – 407 . PubMed ID: 19124897 doi: 10.1123/ijspp.1

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Mia Beck Lichtenstein, Claire Gudex, Kjeld Andersen, Anders Bo Bojesen and Uffe Jørgensen

Division I student-athletes . J Athl Train . 2015 ; 50 ( 3 ): 256 – 261 . PubMed ID: 25562455 doi:10.4085/1062-6050-49.3.83 10.4085/1062-6050-49.3.83 6. Walker N , Thatcher J , Lavallee D . Psychological responses to injury in competitive sport: a critical review . J R Soc Promot Health . 2007