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Kari Roethlisberger, Vista Beasley, Jeffrey Martin, Brigid Byrd, Krista Munroe-Chandler and Irene Muir

skewness and meet the assumptions of parametric statistics. Descriptive statistics, alpha coefficients, and correlations were calculated followed by two multiple linear regression analyses. Athletic identity and the five gender-based perceptions served as the six psychosocial predictors. Because greater

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Henk Erik Meier and Cosima von Uechtriz

covariates, specifying a square root transformation of the dependent variable and an independent within-group correlation. a Reference category is “Friendlies.” b Reference category is West Germany. c Reference category is “1995.” d Reference category is “Away match.” e Reference category is special

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Siegfried Nagel, Karsten Elmose-Østerlund, Jenny Adler Zwahlen and Torsten Schlesinger

variances at the country level were nonsignificant in the statistical multilevel models for all three dependent variables. The country-level intraclass correlations were relatively low (between .01 and .05), indicating that a limited part of the variation in the dependent variables can be explained by

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Aquasia A. Shaw, Merry Moiseichik, Heather Blunt-Vinti and Sarah Stokowski

). Reliability matrix correlations were conducted to test the internal consistency reliability of each item measuring the six constructs. Unfortunately, one question was excluded from the current survey (one question from the interest convergence subscale). Thus, our analysis consists of 18 items. Reliability of

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B. David Ridpath

education in a mainly negative fashion. In many ways Sports Crazy is the American interscholastic sports version of Murray Sperber’s ( 2000 ) seminal book Beer and Circus: How Big-Time College Sports Is Crippling Undergraduate Education. The correlation between this book and Beer and Circus is Sports

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Courteney L. Benjamin, William M. Adams, Ryan M. Curtis, Yasuki Sekiguchi, Gabrielle E.W. Giersch and Douglas J. Casa

, 2013 ). This subjective measure of sleep quality has a strong positive correlation with slow-wave sleep ( Åkerstedt, Hume, Minors, & Waterhouse, 1994 ), which is the stage of sleep in which growth hormone and other anabolic hormones that are vital for recovery are released ( Sassin et al., 1969

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Amanda J. Visek, Heather Mannix, Avinash Chandran, Sean D. Cleary, Karen A. McDonnell and Loretta DiPietro

the groups, the greater agreement (consensus) there is between them (see Figure  1 as an example). Concept Systems ® calculated a Pearson product moment correlation coefficient to describe the aggregate relationship of all of the rungs between the two groups. In other words, the correlation

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Jan Haut, Freya Gassmann, Eike Emrich, Tim Meyer and Christian Pierdzioch

research has found evidence of a moderate, but significant correlation between considering medals as important, on the one hand, and not only patriotic, but nationalistic and authoritarian attitudes, on the other hand ( Haut, Prohl, & Emrich, 2016 ). International Prestige While aspects of national

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Christina A. Geithner, Claire E. Molenaar, Tommy Henriksson, Anncristine Fjellman-Wiklund and Kajsa Gilenstam

retrospective determination of age at menarche; however, more error in recall is likely beyond teenage or early adult years especially ( Cameron, 2002 ), so this is not a major concern regarding the players in our study. Additionally, correlations between recalled age at menarche and actual age at menarche

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Bryan E. Denham

for Black, White, and Hispanic individuals participating in three sports. Pearson correlation analyses containing indicator measures tested participant associations. Among Black adolescents, a positive association (r = .084, p  < .01) appeared for basketball, and inverse associations appeared for