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Rosanna Gilderthorp, Jan Burns and Fergal Jones

more subtle differences, which may not be classified as impairments, but are implicated in sports performance, have been found to differ in adults with ID, specifically balance and manual dexterity. In a 30 year follow up study, Lahtinen, Rintala and Malin ( 2007 ), found differences in balance and

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Ana F. Silva, Pedro Figueiredo, Sara Morais, João P. Vilas-Boas, Ricardo J. Fernandes and Ludovic Seifert

It is well accepted that a high level of expertise is characterized by motor dexterity, expressing the expert’s ability to reach the goal of a task correctly, quickly, reasonably (efficiently), and with resourcefulness ( Bernstein, 1996 ). Resourcefulness (i.e., the initiative and stability of a

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Yuko Kuramatsu, Yuji Yamamoto and Shin-Ichi Izumi

, 2007 ). Strokes can result in sensory impairment, muscle weakness, and loss of dexterity on one side of the body ( Adams, Gandevia, & Skuse, 1990 ; Canning, Ada, & O’Dwyer, 2000 ). Humans, being bipeds, are inherently unstable because a large body mass is held erect with the center of mass (CoM

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Blandine Bril

a universal dance figure providing seamless aesthetics. The pivot turn, which consists of turning in place on one foot on a vertical axis, is a central figure in dance—highly appreciated in classical ballet where it is considered to be a skillful figure expressing the dancer’s dexterity. It is

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Roger Russell

). As a judo expert, he asked how dexterity included the ability to act appropriately in any kind of situation in which survival was not an abstract concept but an immediate question. His concept of balance in human action included perspectives from neuroscience, biomechanics, emotional flexibility, and

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Lindsey Brett, Victoria Traynor, Paul Stapley and Shahla Meedya

officer, interviewee 9). During the intervention stage of the RCT, staff and family carers observed improvements in the physical abilities of the individuals that had been randomly allocated to the intervention groups. Areas identified included mobility, function, dexterity, independence, pain, falls, and

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Alison B. Pritchard Orr, Kathy Keiver, Chris P. Bertram and Sterling Clarren

measuring specific gross and fine motor skills. The motor domains (and subtests) include (a) fine manual control (fine motor precision and fine motor integration subtests), (b) manual coordination (manual dexterity and upper-limb coordination subtests), (c) body coordination (bilateral coordination and

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Priscila Tamplain, E. Kipling Webster, Ali Brian and Nadia C. Valentini

into object control/ball and locomotor skills), the BOT addresses overall motor proficiency, and the MABC addresses motor abilities in different components: aiming and catching, manual dexterity, and balance. For the last three decades the TGMD ( Ulrich, 1985 , 2000 , 2019 ) has been used to

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Mark L. Latash

system (CNS), the multi-level hierarchical scheme for the neural control of movement, the concept of engram (a precursor of generalized motor program), the analysis of dexterity, and the introduction of physiology of activity are among his many great contributions ( Bernstein, 1967 , 1996 ). Arguably

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Andrea L. Hergenroeder, Bethany Barone Gibbs, Mary P. Kotlarczyk, Subashan Perera, Robert J. Kowalsky and Jennifer S. Brach

finger dexterity similar to a stretchable watchband. In addition, participants were noted to have difficulty with application of monitors that required management of a tight clip on the device for securing the monitor to the waist and were unable to access the step display in the pedometers that required