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Mostafa Zarei, Hamed Abbasi, Abdolhamid Daneshjoo, Mehdi Gheitasi, Kamran Johari, Oliver Faude, Nikki Rommers and Roland Rössler

the change scores from pretest to posttest ranging between 7% and 27%). 8 Eccentric strength training of the hamstring muscles has been investigated in adult male high-level football players. Beneficial effects on isokinetic hamstring strength and sprint performance (flying 30 m time) as well as a

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Dariush Sheikholeslami-Vatani, Slahadin Ahmadi and Hassan Faraji

: Decrease in elderly men and increase in patients with gastric carcinoma . Oncology Reports, 8 , 311 – 314 . PubMed ID: 11182046 Jouris , K.B. , McDaniel , J.L. , & Weiss , E.P. ( 2011 ). The effect of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on the inflammatory response to eccentric strength exercise

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Malachy P. McHugh, Tom Clifford, Will Abbott, Susan Y. Kwiecien, Ian J. Kremenic, Joseph J. DeVita and Glyn Howatson

may have been a mechanism for the impaired performance. In contrast to the increase in low force, landing force was decreased on the days after the soccer match. This could reflect decreased eccentric strength. It is noteworthy that peak changes in low force, landing force, and flight height occurred

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Sean J. Maloney, Joanna Richards and Iain M. Fletcher

exhibit less COM displacement and greater stiffness than untrained controls. 35 As eccentric strength underpins an athlete’s ability to overcome the negative acceleration of the COM at ground contact, it would be anticipated that trained athletes with higher strength levels are better able to tolerate

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Paul J. Read, Jon L. Oliver, Gregory D. Myer, Mark B.A. De Ste Croix and Rhodri S. Lloyd

. Gait Posture . 2016 ; 48 : 171 – 6 . PubMed doi:10.1016/j.gaitpost.2016.04.019 27285476 10.1016/j.gaitpost.2016.04.019 17. Kellis S , Gerodimos V , Kellis E , Manou V . Bilateral isokinetic concentric and eccentric strength profiles of the knee extensors and flexors in young soccer players

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Alexei Wong and Arturo Figueroa

.E.B. , & Catai , A.M. ( 2008 ). High eccentric strength training reduces heart rate variability in healthy older men . British Journal of Sports Medicine, 42 ( 1 ), 59 – 63 . PubMed ID: 17562745 doi:10.1136/bjsm.2007.035246 10.1136/bjsm.2007.035246 Mostarda , C.T. , Rodrigues , B. , De Moraes , O

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Jordan D. Philpott, Chris Donnelly, Ian H. Walshe, Elizabeth E. MacKinley, James Dick, Stuart D.R. Galloway, Kevin D. Tipton and Oliver C. Witard

eccentric strength exercise in women . Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, 15 ( 1 ), 176 – 183 . PubMed DiLorenzo , F.M. , Drager , C.J. , & Rankin , J.W. ( 2014 ). Docosahexaenoic acid affects markers of inflammation and muscle damage after eccentric exercise . Journal of Strength

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Adam Grainger, Paul Comfort and Shane Heffernan

is greater, particularly during this phase of the rugby season. Regarding restoration of physiological performance (CMJ in the present study), Ferreira-Junior et al 34 found that one PBC session enhanced the acute recovery of eccentric strength following drop jump protocol. Other research on

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Tom Clifford

, J.L. , Ezekiel , U.R. , & Weiss , E.P. ( 2016 ). Effects of short-term docosahexaenoic acid supplementation on markers of inflammation after eccentric strength exercise in women . Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, 15 ( 1 ), 176 . PubMed ID: 26957941 Cui , H. , Kong , Y. , & Zhang

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Deborah Hebling Spinoso, Nise Ribeiro Marques, Dain Patrick LaRoche, Camilla Zamfollini Hallal, Aline Harumi Karuka, Fernanda Cristina Milanezi and Mauro Gonçalves

similar ankle FD (≈75%), but older adults had greater FD at the knee (42% vs. 30%). Of note, the researchers measured maximal knee and ankle eccentric strength at angular velocities that approximated those during stair descent, which may explain why their knee extensor FD estimates are lower than other