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Chadron Hazelbaker and Matthew Martin

must emphasize the importance of increasing participation opportunities for both males and females, the administration must be able to identify new funding sources, and the school’s athletic program must enjoy support from fans and community. Also included in the study were factors given by athletic

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Samuel Sigrist, Thomas Maier and Raphael Faiss

expertise and advice during the experiment. This study was supported by a Swiss Olympic grant. The authors have no conflicts of interest, funding source, or financial ties to disclose. References 1. Craig NP , Norton KI , Bourdon PC , et al . Aerobic and anaerobic indices contributing to track

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Claudia O. Alberico, J. Aaron Hipp and Rodrigo S. Reis

Jeruza Sech Buck Silva for their contributions to this manuscript. The authors declare that they have no competing interests. No funding sources were used for the development of this project. References 1. Bedimo-Rung AL . The significance of parks to physical activity and public health . Am J Prev

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Dai Sugimoto, Benton E. Heyworth, Brandon A. Yates, Dennis E. Kramer, Mininder S. Kocher and Lyle J. Micheli

investigate the optional approach to ACL injury treatment and prevention in the growing population of youth athletes. Acknowledgments There is no funding source. The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest. Ethical approval was obtained from institutional review board of the hosting institution

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Carrie S. Baker and Gary B. Wilkerson

.182 Counting down to quitting time 2 1 .199 Feel less competent than used to feel 1 1 .386 Job requires monotonous/repetitive tasks 2 1 .404 Applying rules with no considerations 1 1 .426 Feel overwhelmed 2 2 .468 Required to wear many hats 2 2 .468 Unreliable job funding sources 1 0 .608 Get angry or

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Kristin M. Mills, Scott Sadler, Karen Peterson and Lorrin Pang

Balance and author of the book Move With Balance: Healthy Aging Activities for the Mind and Body . K.M.M., S.S., and L.P. have no conflicts of interest. This research was conducted by the Maui District Health Office. There were no funding sources as the MWB program was taught by K.P., and the data were

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Hannah Dorling, Jieg Blervacq and Yori Gidron

intervention for increasing PA on larger scales. Such possibilities should be tested in future studies. Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank the participants who took part in the studies. No funding source was reported for this research. References 1. Kruk J . Physical activity in the prevention

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Ian M. Greenlund, Piersan E. Suriano, Steven J. Elmer, Jason R. Carter and John J. Durocher

collection portion of this study. Finally, we extend our appreciation to graduate student Travis Wakeham for his assistance with the data collection process. There were no funding sources associated with this study. References 1. Baddeley B , Sornalingam S , Cooper M . Sitting is the new smoking

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Scott A. Conger, Alexander H.K. Montoye, Olivia Anderson, Danielle E. Boss and Jeremy A. Steeves

volunteered for this study. They would also like to thank Emily Chambers for assistance with data collection at the Boise State University location. The authors have no conflicts of interest or funding sources to disclose related to this study. References Atlas Wearables . ( 2018 ). Wristband2 . Retrieved

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You Fu and Ryan D. Burns

of youth. Acknowledgments The authors would like to thank the graduate research assistants who aided in the data collection process. There was no funding source for this research. References 1. Gao Z , Chen S , Pasco D , Pope Z . A meta-analysis of active video games on health outcomes