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Anna-Eva Prick, Jacomine de Lange, Erik Scherder, Jos Twisk and Anne Margriet Pot

effectiveness of the intervention on all outcomes was evaluated between the two groups by using generalized estimating equations (GEE) ( Liang & Zeger, 1986 ; Twisk, 1997 , 2003 ; Zeger, Liang, & Albert, 1988 ). GEE is a longitudinal regression technique that takes into account the dependency of the

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Leilani A. Madrigal, Vincenzo Roma, Todd Caze, Arthur Maerlender and Debra Hope

spectrum of sports. Our findings extend the generalizability of the SAS-2 by establishing good model fit of the three factor structure in more varied populations of athletic competition levels from various regions. Specifically, the factor structure for the SAS-2 is supported in former athletes from

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Ross Wadey, Kylie Roy-Davis, Lynne Evans, Karen Howells, Jade Salim and Ceri Diss

vivid and compelling example extracts ( Braun & Clarke, 2006 ). However, before we submitted for publication, external reflections on the findings were sought to enhance the study’s generalizability from two colleagues who were well versed in the growth-following-adversity literature (i.e., fourth and

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Emily M. D’Agostino, Sophia E. Day, Kevin J. Konty, Michael Larkin, Subir Saha and Katarzyna Wyka

to determine the total variability in chronic absenteeism attributable to schools. The intraclass correlation coefficient = τ 2 /(τ 2  + 3.29) was computed based on an unconditional 3-level logistic generalized linear mixed model with random intercepts (observations nested in students, nested in

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Javier Raya-González, Fabio Yuzo Nakamura, Daniel Castillo, Javier Yanci and Maurizio Fanchini

prospective careers. Hence replication of previous studies 13 , 14 using a sample of young elite soccer players is necessary to verify the generalizability of their findings. Considering the aforementioned evidence and due to the high physiological stress produced by competitive matches, 12 the load

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Hosam Alzahrani, Sonia W.M. Cheng, Debra Shirley, Martin Mackey and Emmanuel Stamatakis

and HRQoL. Then the secondary analysis was conducted to investigate the association between MVPA and each SF-36 domain. The analyses were conducted using generalized linear models and by multiple linear regression to determine linear trend P values. Different models were adjusted for the following

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Colin D. McLaren and Kevin S. Spink

and SNA approach enabled the hypothesis to be tested in a specific real-world context where task demands are held constant (i.e., opponent and conditions stay the same; Eisenhardt, 1989 ; Kerr, 2017 ). Although establishing generalizability was not a purpose of this single-game study design, the

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Janelle M. Wagnild and Tessa M. Pollard

status (married/cohabiting or not), children at home (any or none), and smoking status (any smoking during this pregnancy or not; model 2). Similar models were constructed for prolonged ST (generalized linear mixed model with binary outcome dichotomized at the median due to nonnormal distribution) and

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Francisco J. Vera-Garcia, Diego López-Plaza, Casto Juan-Recio and David Barbado

specific sport training induces specific core stability adaptations, which were only revealed through specific tests. These findings suggest core stability outcomes are not generalizable, but are highly dependent on the conditions in which they are measured (ie, dynamic/static, 1-/2-dimensional, etc) and

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Jonathan Miller, Mark Pereira, Julian Wolfson, Melissa Laska, Toben Nelson and Dianne Neumark-Sztainer

original sample, addressing the potential bias from differential loss to follow-up. Generalized estimating equations (GEEs) were used to estimate the association of age with MVPA over the 15 years of follow-up. To allow for potential nonlinearity of the association, age was modeled as a 5-level categorical