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Julie P. Burland, Adam S. Lepley, Marc Cormier, Lindsay J. DiStefano and Lindsey K. Lepley

over time versus simply performance style evaluations may help promote successful mastery-oriented response to common obstacles faced during recovery, thus decreasing helplessness. 36 , 37 In addition, guided imagery, relaxation techniques, and mindfulness techniques may help to further reduce

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Juliana Hotta Ansai, Larissa Pires de Andrade, Paulo Giusti Rossi, Theresa Helissa Nakagawa, Francisco Assis Carvalho Vale and José Rubens Rebelatto

gait speed was still intact, changes in quantitative measures of the turning subtask (time) showed a significant association with cognitive decline ( Greene & Kenny, 2012 ). Wagner et al. ( 2008 ) assessed 12 healthy adults during mental imagery of walking along a curved path and walking straight ahead

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Emmanuel Jacobs, Ann Hallemans, Jan Gielen, Luc Van den Dries, Annouk Van Moorsel, Jonas Rutgeerts and Nathalie A. Roussel

.1186/1743-0003-3-4 Couillandre , A. , Lewton-Brain , P. , & Portero , P. ( 2008 ). Exploring the effects of kinesiological awareness and mental imagery on movement intention in the performance of demi-plie . Journal of Dance Medicine & Science, 12 ( 3 ), 91 – 98 . PubMed Gentile , A. ( 1972 ). A working model of

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Janelle Prince, Eric Schussler and Ryan McCann

rehabilitation program described by Gagnon et al 22 with 4 components: submaximal aerobic training, light coordination and sports-specific exercise, visualization and imagery techniques, and home exercise program all administered according to a written manual, initially with physiotherapists, then transitioned

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Katrina G. Ritter, Matthew J. Hussey and Tamara C. Valovich McLeod

RPE and increasing intensity every 5 min Participants completed a 4-part rehabilitation program for 6 wk: (1) Submaximal aerobic training for 15 min; (2) Coordination exercises; (3) Visualization and imagery; and (4) Daily home exercises Symptoms: Heart rate and blood pressure were recorded to

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Kate N. Jochimsen, Margaret R. Pelton, Carl G. Mattacola, Laura J. Huston, Emily K. Reinke, Kurt P. Spindler, Christian Lattermann and Cale A. Jacobs

education explains complex pain concepts such as nociception using metaphors and imagery, thereby allowing patients to reconceptualize and their pain experience. 31 , 32 Future studies are necessary to determine if similar interventions can be successful in patients with high pain catastrophizing following

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Caitlin Brinkman, Shelby E. Baez, Francesca Genoese and Johanna M. Hoch

that examined the effectiveness of other psychological interventions (eg, modeling, imagery) on self-efficacy; • studies that examined the effectiveness of goal setting in nonathletic populations (eg, disability); and • studies that examined the effectiveness of goal setting in injuries unrelated to

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Charles Goulet and Isabelle Rogowski

10.1097/JSA.0b013e318244853e 22311291 19. Guillot A , Genevois C , Desliens S , Saieb S , Rogowski I . Motor imagery and ‘placebo-racket effects’ in tennis serve performance . Psychol Sport Exerc . 2012 ; 13 : 533 – 540 . doi:10.1016/j.psychsport.2012.03.002 10.1016/j.psychsport.2012

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Francesca Genoese, Shelby Baez and Johanna M. Hoch

physical activity. Future studies should also examine the effects of psychosocial intervention strategies on fear-avoidance beliefs. Cognitive behavioral interventions that have been used to decrease fear in other musculoskeletal populations include imagery, self-talk, cognitive restructuring, graded

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Nicholas Hattrup, Hannah Gray, Mark Krumholtz and Tamara C. Valovich McLeod

concussion; however, most of this literature has occurred in patients with postconcussion syndrome. 10 Those patients who undergo a multimodel treatment protocol (aerobic exercise, imagery, agility exercises, and balance exercises) 11 , 12 or perform aerobic exercise alone have shown improvement compared