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David X. Marquez, Robert Wilson, Susan Aguiñaga, Priscilla Vásquez, Louis Fogg, Zhi Yang, JoEllen Wilbur, Susan Hughes and Charles Spanbauer

occupational physical activity among racial/ethnic minorities . Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 42 ( 6 ), 1086 – 1093 . PubMed doi: 10.1249/MSS.0b013e3181c5ec05 McKee , K.E. , & Hackney , M.E. ( 2013 ). The effects of adapted tango on spatial cognition and disease severity in Parkinson

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Rebecca E. Hasson

 al., 2017 ). References American Psychological Association . ( 2017 ). Stress and health disparities: Contexts, mechanisms, and interventions among racial/ethnic minority and low-socioeconomic status populations . Retrieved from Anand

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Joshua Woods

racial/ethnic minorities are clearly underrepresented in the disc-golfer population. As in the case of women, there may be normative constraints that limit the participation of minority groups. Whites may also, on average, live closer to disc-golf courses than people of color and therefore perceive the

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Rachel Allison

faculty attitudes and behaviors, particularly their treatment of and expectations for racial/ethnic minorities, and the degree of inclusivity in formal mission statements, curricula, and academic programs ( Comeaux & Harrison, 2011 ; Rankin & Reason, 2008 ). Generally speaking, a negative climate is one

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Pablo Antonio Valdés-Badilla, Carlos Gutiérrez-García, Mikel Pérez-Gutiérrez, Rodrigo Vargas-Vitoria and Antonio López-Fuenzalida

initially enrolled 999 participants ( M age  = 74.3 years, 81% females, 43% racial/ethnic minority groups) from 10 local programs developed in a variety urban and rural locations (congregate dining centers, neighborhood recreation centers, and housing complexes in urban inner city, suburban, and rural

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Namkee G. Choi, Diana M. DiNitto, John E. Sullivan and Bryan Y. Choi

/prediabetes was 73.3 ( SE  = 0.11) years. The low PA group was about 2 years older and had a higher proportion of women than the medium and high PA groups. Across all PA groups, about 30% were racial/ethnic minorities, but the low PA group had a higher proportion of minorities than the medium or high PA groups

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Maureen R. Weiss

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans ( 2018 ). A focus is to enable opportunities to be physically active through sport participation by enhancing availability and access to facilities and programs for underrepresented and at-risk populations for physical inactivity, including girls, racial/ethnic

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Gareth J. Jones, Christine E. Wegner, Kyle S. Bunds, Michael B. Edwards and Jason N. Bocarro

can lead to unbalanced leadership systems that limit the voice of certain groups (e.g., low socioeconomic status, racial/ethnic minority, immigrant; Skinner et al., 2008 ). Moreover, as many SFD organizations struggle to build and maintain organizational capacity, leaders may simply struggle to