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Rob Gray, Anders Orn and Tim Woodman

ironic display group, participants were penalized 1 point for hitting the quadrant marked with gray (note, this quadrant was red in the actual experiment). For any other pitch location, both groups received 0 points. The locations of the target and ironic zones were randomized from trial to trial. For

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Robert J. Brychta, Vaka Rögnvaldsdóttir, Sigríður L. Guðmundsdóttir, Rúna Stefánsdóttir, Soffia M. Hrafnkelsdóttir, Sunna Gestsdóttir, Sigurbjörn A. Arngrímsson, Kong Y. Chen and Erlingur Jóhannsson

-reported and actigraphy-measured bedtimes for 144 students. Plots are shown for: a. School nights at age 15 y (filled blue circles), b. Non-school nights at age 15 y (open blue circles), c. School-nights at age 17 y (filled red circles), d. Non-school nights at age 17 y (open red circles). Magnitude

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Emmanuel Ducrocq, Mark Wilson, Tim J. Smith and Nazanin Derakshan

pointing either to the right or left of the fixation cross for 700 ms. A memory array subsequently appeared for 100 ms, followed by a retention interval lasting 900 ms. A test (comparison) array then appeared for 2,000 ms. Participants were instructed to memorize the orientation of the red rectangles on

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Denver M.Y. Brown and Steven R. Bray

). The task was set up such that participants performed five 2-min blocks each consisting of 135 trials that were separated by four 30-s breaks during which participants rated their level of mental fatigue. The word stimuli (i.e., BLACK, BLUE, GREEN, RED, PINK, and GRAY) were presented on a white

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Kelsey Lucca, David Gire, Rachel Horton and Jessica A. Sommerville

, Humphry, Carswell, and Core ( 2001 ), Tamis-Lemonda, Bornstien, and Baumwell ( 2001 ), Caplan and Kinsbourne ( 1976 ), Frodi, Bridges, and Grolnick ( 1985 ), Grolnick, Frodi, and Bridgers ( 1984 ), Hauser-Cram ( 1996 ), Maslin-Cole, Bretherton, and Morgan ( 1993 ), Messer et al. ( 1986 ), Redding et

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Ayoub Asadi, Alireza Farsi, Behrouz Abdoli, Esmaeel Saemi and Jared M. Porter

increments extended the full length of the mat. Once a subject completed a jump, the jump distance was determined to be the span from the start line to the heel nearest to the start line. Kinematic data were recorded by eight Cortex 2.6 ultra-red cameras (Osprey Motion Analysis Co., USA), at a capture rate

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SeYun Park and Jennifer L. Etnier

condition were printed on a white sheet of paper with 100 (20 × 5) stimuli. The first subtask contained Korean color words (red, blue, and green) in random order printed in black ink, and participants were asked to read the color word. The second subtask was printed in random order solid color squares (eg

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Kristy Martin, Kevin G. Thompson, Richard Keegan and Ben Rattray

performed this task on a computer, while sitting comfortably in a quiet room. During this task, four words (yellow, blue, green, and red) were serially presented on a computer screen, displayed until the participant validated an answer, followed by a 1.5-s rest interval. Participants were instructed to

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Susan Sullivan Glenney, Derrick Paul Brockemer, Andy C. Ng, Michael A. Smolewski, Vladimir M. Smolgovskiy and Adam S. Lepley

gray (red in online) data points represent the intervention group for that specific study, whereas dark gray (blue in online) data points represent the control interventions. (○) represents interventions that lasted ≤12 weeks, whereas (□) represents interventions lasting >12 weeks. Figure 3

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Andrew Hooyman, Alexander Garbin and Beth Fisher

long term depression, decreased connectivity, red curve, will result. Conversely, if the pre-synaptic pulse occurs prior to the post-synaptic, then long term potentiation, increased connectivity, blue curve, will result. The closer the coupling of the two pulses, the closer they fire around an